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  1. Marcos Cejas

    Unwanted/Abandoned VB's

    Yeah, sure. PM me.... 1615703346 Yeah, sure. PM me...
  2. Marcos Cejas

    Unwanted/Abandoned VB's

    Hi guys! I don't know how to say it... Do any of you have voicebanks that you no longer use or that are abandoned? Bye...
  3. Marcos Cejas

    UTAU Voicebank Adopt

    Are you sure?
  4. Marcos Cejas

    Can you hear the rumble? Can you hear the rumble that's calling?

    Can you hear the rumble? Can you hear the rumble that's calling?
  5. Marcos Cejas

    Zeno Natsune's Design request

    Look so cute ^^
  6. Marcos Cejas

    Private UTAU

    Hey, I have a question ... Can information about a utau be published if it is private? Even if they had some demos? ...
  7. Marcos Cejas

    Doubt about Jinrikis

    Hello people... I have a question, and it's that I don't know if it's okay for me to publish cover with utau jinrikis on this site. What do you say?
  8. Marcos Cejas

    Unknown mother goose (Aito lazuli multi pitch)

    Cute and good voice...
  9. Marcos Cejas

    UST True my Heart - True my Heart

    Song: True My Heart (ave;new feat. Saori Sakura). Hello boys. I was almost forgetting that I had an account on this site... I leave you an ust that I did about 7 or 8 months ago. I hope you like it! Bye...
  10. Marcos Cejas

    True my Heart

    Marcos Cejas submitted a new resource: True my Heart - Download Read more about this resource...
  11. Marcos Cejas

    You are Don ****wad!

    You are Don ****wad!
  12. Marcos Cejas

    Teto Kasane refusing to work...

    Try to check the utau configurations. Is in the render's window (sorry for my bad english).
  13. Marcos Cejas

    Chase ~ Acoustic Ver. ft Kazumi Murasaki

    My new utau <3 .... I hope of like it :3 ....
  14. Marcos Cejas


    Hello boys .... ehm .... I'm planning to record a english vb for my utau. ¿How good is Arpasing?
  15. Marcos Cejas


    Hello everybody .... I'm Marcos Cejas. I hope to get along with everyone and make friends :D
  16. Marcos Cejas

    Let's go to Los Juries xD

    Let's go to Los Juries xD