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  1. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Stardust Utopia【いひろ】

  2. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Circus Monster (JPN Version)【あけこ VCV】

  3. Edgeberry

    Open Looking for a voice for a feminine voicebank

    Hi all. I'm looking for a feminine voicer for an UTAU voicebank project. If you are interested, please DM me on Twitter @ KaynTheWolf or on Discord (Wolfie#2157). I am available just about all day via EST timezone. I am looking into mostly doing a VCV voicebank but I can work with CVVC as well...
  4. Edgeberry

    Voicebank Twinkle

    Edgeberry submitted a new Showcase Item: Twinkle Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. Edgeberry

    Open NEED UTAU for My Favorite VOCALOID Song Medley!!

    Want me to use your utau? Just fill out the form here! Limit is 2 of your own voicebanks.
  6. Edgeberry

    Romaji Japanese CVVC Reclist?

    There's a 5-Mora CVVC reclist by Delta but I cannot record effectively due to my limited knowledge of Hiragana (surprising considering I've been in the UTAU community for 6+ years). Does anyone have a translated version of it readily available? There's a 2-Mora but I'm used to recording 5-Mora...
  7. Edgeberry

    Need help otoing a VCV bank

    So I just finished recording a bank after 2 years of not recording and I have no clue how to oto. I tried back in the old days of CV but was met with lackluster results. If someone could help me out, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks for reading. :love:
  8. Edgeberry

    Voicebank Lulu Utatane

    Edgeberry submitted a new Showcase Item: Lulu Utatane Read more about this showcase item here...
  9. Edgeberry

    Open Seeking a masculine voicer for VCV bank

    As the title says, I'm looking for a provider for a male utau as a male counterpart to my utau, Lulu. Designing and otoing will be handled by me, all I need are voice samples. The deadline would be by December, although there's no real rush, I'd just like to have recording wrapped up by...
  10. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Jessica 【Sōon Roko】

  11. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Self Harm Achromatic【Amane Luna】

  12. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Furan Furan Zombie【Namine Ritsu & Kasane Teto】

  13. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】ELECT【Macne Coco (Black)】

  14. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Love Is War (MWK Remix) 【Soune Taya】

  15. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Where The Wind Sleeps ~Empress' Song~【Alexei Lesa】

  16. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Rolling Girl【Kaon Sakurai】

  17. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】No More 【Kaon Sakurai】

  18. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Coin Locker Baby 【Haruka Nana + UST DL】

  19. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Apostrophe 【Macne Coco (Black)】

  20. Edgeberry

    【UTAU Cover】Killer Lady【Ihiro】