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  1. Pyremageyun

    【UTAUカバー】scattered glass (Piano arrange)【Kana Mizashi + beta vb download】

    New mic + new update to w4u + potential scrapped utau idea that i thought i wouldn't have time to work on..... Original: Cillia Ust and arrange: Cody Tailor (NOTE: The guy on the right is supposed to be Ryuji, and the guy on the left is Kana, they were originally going to be blood related...
  2. Pyremageyun

    [UTAUカバー] Alien Alien [Ryuji Shikamoto]

    been a while since i posted anything on here lol Ust: Kyaramel Utau: Ryuji Shikamoto (mine)
  3. Pyremageyun

    Cover 【VOCALOID 10】Alice in N.Y【VOCALOID4カバー】

    Vsqx: Lucifer/Sahara Len = Yohioloid Rin = Galaco Blue Miku = IA Megpoid = Matcha KAITO = Bruno Gakupo = Len v4x MEIKO = Rin v4x Luka = Lumi Mayu = Aoki Lapis IA = Rana V4
  4. Pyremageyun

    Awekward feeling about utau.

    So, I know I've posted a thread basically giving people a bit of encouragement to try to fight their fear of "my utau sounds horrible." or "my voice sounds like shit." and I'm glad that thread is helping people overcome that fear. However, I've noticed something that's been making me feel a bit...
  5. Pyremageyun

    【UTAU Engrish カバー】Heavenly star 【Ryuji Shikamoto】

    Song/Video: Genki Rockets Ust: MakkuSan (heavily edited from VCCV to Jpn VCV by me) Mix: MakkuSan (minor edits by me) Subtitles: Kyaami
  6. Pyremageyun

    SkyIsland21's Discord ust!

    Hey Guys I know SkyIsland at some point lost his mediafire account and was trying get a hold of as many usts as he can and I have and I noticed that he doesn't have Discord from my little pony on his new link. I looked on my computer and found The Eurobeat ust still on my laptop. I'd like to...
  7. Pyremageyun

    【UTAUカバー】 Relationship Scramble by Deco27 【Ryuji Shikamoto】

    Ust: Mirielle Original: Deco27 Original Singer: Hatsune Miku Utau: Ryuji Shikamoto VCV (mine) Mixing/minor edits/tuning: me OMFG THIS SONG WAS AMAZING BETTER THAN OTOME DISECTION! I first heard it through the creator of this ust Mirielle and wanted to do a cover of it instantly! I want to...
  8. Pyremageyun

    Cover [Galaco ft. Yuzuki Yukari v4] Creatvie(Ghost remix) [Vocaloid cover]

    A cover I did two years back...going to be completely honest while I was mixing this I thought Yukari was going to steal the show at the end cause I wasn't really confident how Galaco turned out. It was mostly because I hadn't used her Red voicebank much....
  9. Pyremageyun


    I wanted to use MMD for a couple covers but I don't know how to render the project :/
  10. Pyremageyun

    Critique Requested {Utau Cover} Face {Kyosuke}

    I'm not looking for critiques on mixing cause this is a way way old cover. I just wanted to know, if anyone would be interested in covers with him if i re oto'd him. [Disclaimer: This is my friend's utau that he recorded when I first released mine (horribly...referring the great no oto...
  11. Pyremageyun

    Just want to clarify a few things....

    Okay before anyone says anything....NO I DID NOT RIP OFF PERSONA 5 RYUJI SAKAMOTO BY NAME AND LOOKS I SWEAR!! Here's the whole story behind Ryuji Shikamoto... Ryuji was an OC of mine for the Naruto Fandom..however he had the name Ryudo Inuzuka (also the name of my youtube channel.) But...
  12. Pyremageyun

    Cover [Synth V Genbu] Otome Disection [Short Cover] Not sure if i'm going to finish this but I definitly love Synth V. I do have plans on making a cover with Genbu and my utau in the future but this is more of a test tuning. I hope the falsetto/whisper bit and trills sound okay
  13. Pyremageyun

    Synth V question

    Is there a way I can make breath phonemes or breath sounds? (I'm using Genbu and I'm loving him so far *_*!!!!)
  14. Pyremageyun

    Cover A few covers + a question

    So I decided to upload a few vocaloid covers I did while I was on my hiatus but didn't upload them cause either I wasn't confident in my mixing or confident in my tuning.....but I kind of ran into a problem. The 2 on soundcloud right now are ones that were more for mixing practice... I had 2...
  15. Pyremageyun

    [Utau cover] A sardine grows from the soil [Ryuji Shikamoto VCV]

    o.o .....I know this song is supposed to be melancholy or mostly on the sad side.....but.....I think my utau combinded with the pitch bends autopitchwriter did made it a bit....too exciting......not sure........
  16. Pyremageyun

    Critique Requested [Utau Cover] Queen Of Hearts [Ryuji Shikamoto VCV]

    One of the comments I got on my utau was that he had a not too deep yet not too high pitch tone to his voice. And I wanted to put to put that to the test and this was the only song I could think of that fit that. Original: sm24056707 Ust: Kyaami (With minor edits by me to make it sound more...
  17. Pyremageyun

    A bit of advice for people who are new to recording.

    Hey guys, I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this but I thought I'd pass on a bit of wisdom to people who are new to the recording biz. (This can apply to recording audio for videos as well.) This me assuming if you were in the same boat as me finding out about utau and...
  18. Pyremageyun

    [Utau Covers] Lost one's weeping , more and vb download have to make this quick heading to work T^T sorry for no explaination. i'll explain asap
  19. Pyremageyun


    Hey, I'm....sort of newish here. (First joined a few years back but was kind of on and off due to a lot of things going on in my life. plus being extremely shy didn't help.) I got over my shyness in real life thanks to a bunch of people. And now I need to get over my shyness talking to people...