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  1. Sync_Ye

    WIP Critique Requested 失う(Ushinau)【桐山ルアン 】

    Just a test, the soft voicebank used in this cover was not done a re-work yet so it keeps ringing strange, but the normal voicebank is practically. I wanted to do this cover with my new voicebank that I am working on because the autoCVVC does not want to cooperate with me and adapt this UST to...
  2. Sync_Ye

    Tsuiseki! iede shoujo no Jittai (Spanish Ver)

  3. Sync_Ye

    Does anyone know where I can download a translation for sharpkey?

    Is there any version of the English sharpkey editor? if so where can I download them? I also tried to download some voicebanks but the mirros links are broken, does anyone know any other place where I can download them?
  4. Sync_Ye

    Closed PayPal Points OTO Other YeDev's DeepVocal | UTAU Commissions {! Update !}

    Warning: If you want more detailed information, please go to my website: ST-STUDIO My name is YeDev !, I’m already in fandom for a long and long time (8 years practically), so if you came in this is why you are looking for someone to set up your Voicebank right? !, well how about taking a look...
  5. Sync_Ye

    How to set up a voicebank to use multi-prefix?

    I'm trying to add some new appends to just one voicebank and wanted to use the multi-prefix of the presamp however every time I try to set up and test an append it does not emit any sound or in some cases it gives me a textbox with an error . Anyone know of some tutorial or could you explain me...
  6. Sync_Ye

    Vocaloid BossaNova Medley USTs [24 UTAU +2 SynthV]

    Usts by Zoe aka half-a-head Edit By Me Mix By Sonya Pv Soon ? Featuring: 01.メランコリック - Xia, Yu-Yao - CVVC 02.鎖の少女 - Kazuki Chouko Sakura - VCV 03.サンドリヨン - LANI - VCV 04.えれくとりっく・えんじぇぅ - Tamaki Yuri -Stardust- 05.千本桜 - GENBU Synth V 06.裏表ラバーズ - Renri Synth V 07.炉心融解 - Fuka - Retan 08.ネコミミアーカイブ -...
  7. Sync_Ye

    Moresampler 0.8.4 Download

    Well the moresampler site is out of the air and apparently kanru no longer has the files, so I asked for permission to create a moresampler 0.8.4 mirror so that it is easier to find it and here is the download link: Dl...
  8. Sync_Ye

    Does this sound like a voicebank whisper?

    I am working on an append for my UTAU LUAN Kiriyama but I do not know how to say it is sounding, I tried to make a whisper voicebank but I do not know if it really sounds like whisper or like soft, sasayaki, etc. I wonder how it sounds to you? Here is a sample of him: Here's a sample of the...
  9. Sync_Ye

    【UTAU Cover】Corpse Dance | しかばねの踊り【LUAN Kiriyama】

    I love this song and strangely the voice of LUAN combines with these styles of music, I hope you like the cover. Vb Dl: Credits Ust By ??? (no readme) Mix By Sonya PV By YeDev Contact: ◼twitter: @YeDevs ◼Email
  10. Sync_Ye

    I need some suggestions and some tips

    Hello, I would like some tips to improve my voicebank, here a sample without treatments and rendered with moresmapler 0.8.4. Vocals only Flags: Mt-30 for soft part C99Mt10 for clear parts Vb: Edge used for fry vocal With inst How does it sound to you? Does the pronunciation sound good...
  11. Sync_Ye

    Voicebank Luan Kiriyama

    Sync_Ye submitted a new Showcase Item: Luan Kiriyama Read more about this showcase item here...
  12. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested LUAN Kiriyama WIP - 君に嘘 Short Cover

    OTO and utau test Song Title : 君に嘘 / Kimi Ni Uso (Lie To You) Music & Lyrics : みなと / 流星P (minato / RyuuseiP) UST By RenjiTakuma Mix : Me :) Original by Hatsune Miku
  13. Sync_Ye

    What am I doing wrong here? ? pls help VCV sounding like a CV

    I tried after a while recording a new VCV voicebank however once configured it sounds like it was a CV, I commonly use overlap at 75 with preuterance ranging between 250-300 and 120 bpm. I recorded a new voicebank to test but I do not know how it sounds in that I used 83,333 of overlap and...
  14. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested Mic and reclist test {Kanade(One-Week Friends ED)}

    How does that sound to you?
  15. Sync_Ye

    Closed I'll pay you for a sheetdata or concept (paypal)

    I'm explaining everything on this page:
  16. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested 【KanekoFalls_PT】TOWER OF MISTAKES 【X-SAMPA UTAU】

    RecList Demo release
  17. Sync_Ye

    Closed MMD OTO OTO Service per MMD Service - Re-Open (Arpasing is now accepted)

    Note: I'll leave it open until Sunday, in case I do not find anyone I'll have to try to find some time to finalize these models. Okay, what do I need? 2 of my models (one male and one female) need some settings. Adjustments in the male model: This model was exported from 3d max's but in the...
  18. Sync_Ye

    the AT2020 microphone is a good choice ?

    I am thinking of changing my current microphone for an AT2020, but I do not know what problems this microphone boat can cause me (noise level, level of distortion, personalized features), in case you have a microphone suggestion feel free to indicate it. Notes: - I use an audio interface with 2...
  19. Sync_Ye

    Good female PT-BR Voicebanks?

    I'm looking for a female voicebank that I can sing in Portuguese for a cover because most of the multi-language voicebanks I've tested have gotten a very strange Portuguese.
  20. Sync_Ye

    these samples need to be recorded ?

    Do CC connections (consonant to consonant) need multi-pitch recordings? example: [poC3][orD#3][rt][taC3] - [poC3][orF3][rtC#3][taC3]