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  1. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. AVANNA] Lady Day [VOCALOID Original]

    "May she reign for evermore!" NND | Audiomack | Bandcamp Instrumental and VSQx
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    Original [VoXil feat. Hiyama Kiyoteru] Folk Death [VOCALOID Original]

    "Why should I fear death?" NND | Audiomack | Bandcamp Instrumental and VSQx Credits VoXil (Song) DystoP (Tuning)
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    Original [VoXil feat. AHS Trio] Hymn of Memorial 〜ab’di〜 [VOCALOID Original]

    "in life and even death, we will sing this Hymn of Memorial" Happy 10th Anniversary Kiyoteru, Yuki, and miki!! May you be with us for many years to come! ab'di was in fact a lot of firsts for me; and as it is with firsts, they aren't always the best but nevertheless, I enjoyed creating this...
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    [VoXil feat. Hanami] Lord Night [UTAU Original]

    Dedicated to Avalia. This song has been in the works for nearly a year and I'm glad to share it with you all. It's dedicated to Avalia as she was the one who gave me the strength and motivation to make music. I hope you all enjoy this song. Thanks for listening. VocaDB...
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    [VoXil feat. KLAD Aparsing] Friends [UTAU Original]

    My first original. "To befriend or to be loved..." Yeah, my first original. *pops confetti* "Friends" is a song that I helped create when 'Project Merleloid' was still active. This song was originally meant to be sung by RUBY but due to...
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    This is a thread to keep track of my main UTAU. Primary (Product) Name: VoXenuS - [The] Voice Within Us - Deity of Emotion Secondary (Character) Name: Hikaru Yami - 光ヤミ - shining, glowing (Hikaru/光る/ヒカル) - darkness (Yami/闇/ヤミ) VoXenuS is a multilingual, multi-expression UTAU. VoXenuS doesn't...
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    VocaShots - A Shorts Series

    In a few words, a collection of short stories featuring Vocaloids. An actual description, the place where you'll find Vocaloids written in any situation, doing anything, anytime, anywhere. From drama to the thriller, fantasy to sci-fi, inspirational to humour. Everything. All in one place. ^^...
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    【VoXenuS English】To Whom It May Concern【UTAU Cover】+UST

    I've been working on this cover since the day the song was released and I finally got the confidence to upload this. This song resonated with me so much that I had to cover it. Original: To Whom It May Concern by @Kowareta33 feat. Neko Kanochi UST/Tuning: @Kowareta33 Conversion/Mixing: Me...
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    Friends WIP

    "Friends" is a song that I helped create when I was part of 'Project Merleloid'. This song was originally meant to be sung by RUBY but due to circumstances, the singer had to be changed. Enjoy this short clip. The full song should be out soon. ============= Music: Usami Lyrics: Rayvern...
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    【Hikaru Yami】flower of sorrow【UTAU カバー】

    So I made a cover for Yami again. flower of sorrow is such a nice song omg and moresampler just made it even better. I don't know what happened here lol. I just tuned whatever felt good to be and don't let me start on that mix lol I need to release this guy soon. [/media]
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    「Hikaru Yami 0.5」 The Sky Where I Look For You「UTAU カバー」

    Wow... I haven't used this guy since January. He still doesn't have a design *cries* I redid the oto for my utau. I think it's smoother(?) than in his -ERROR cover lol. Setparam is a life saver and it's bae. BAE!!! //shot Enjoy~
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    【Hikaru Yami 0.5】「-ERROR」【UTAUカバー】

    So I made a cover of -ERROR with my UTAU in progress, Hikaru Yami!
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    Might as well say Hi

    Hi. My name is Kosi. I'm new here. I'm an overseas user and I'm currently developing a series of UTAUloids. I hope to learn a lot from people and make some new friends. :)