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  1. Koe-Loid

    Inactive PayPal Points Koe-Loid's Commissions

    Hey, I'm having trouble finding a job, so I thought, "why not open commissions" to make some sort of money. Everything is included in the deviantart journal: If you don't want to message me there, Utaforum is fine as well.
  2. Koe-Loid

    Voicebank Chikai Himei

    Koe-Loid submitted a new Showcase Item: Chikai Himei Read more about this showcase item here...
  3. Koe-Loid

    Belated introduction.

    I've had this account for over a year, but have only barely become sorta active here. I am Koe-Loid, some people call me Swash/Swash'm, but that's only for the hammies and sometimes Sam I guess. Commoners can refer to me as Iza or koe-loid, maybe even Swash'm the Temptress if I'm feeling nice...