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  1. ArtsyP!nk

    Voicebank Daiagno Unupi

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  2. ArtsyP!nk

    【ゲキヤク -麻酔 - 】 The Day (BNHA Opening) Dj - Jo Zenpaku Remix 【UTAUカバー】

    I don't even like the anime lol Also finally downloaded my favorite utau Gekiyaku and I love her so much :love: The tuning came out better since I decided to tune simpler so uhhh yeah.
  3. ArtsyP!nk

    Egoist/Naniko Pikita

    mixing was kinda painful lol
  4. ArtsyP!nk

    Can't Update Showcase of My VB [Error 403]

    I was finished updating Naniko's Showcase, and I pressed 'Save Changes' but I got this message: 403: Forbidden Access to the resource on this server is denied! I don't know why I would be denied access to my own VB.. quite odd since this hasn't happened before.
  5. ArtsyP!nk

    【Naniko Pikita Vers. 2 Ft. Neet月】So You See, You And Me 【UTAUカバー】

    Did a quick one since school is in and it sucks lol Mixing is a bit rough but eh- UST by NeeMiSo Tuning by ArtsyP!nk (Dat's me!) No art for this one, I'm a little busy. School has been stacking things up and it's only day 2. Original by TadanoCo Neetsuki is owned by @neeeeeetttuuuukiii
  6. ArtsyP!nk

    Pitch Editor Will Not Work with My Utau Specifically

    So I was getting ready to start tuning a UST, but when I clicked on the plugin it gave me these error notes: This only happens with one Utau, and this happens across all USTs. I tried reinstalling it, but it didn't fix anything. What should I do?
  7. ArtsyP!nk

    Does the Otoing Process in DeepVocal Depend on the Mora of the Reclist?

    So I've typed up the voice directory, and I am ready to begin otoing, when I notice something: Hitcoder's tutorial (The only one I. know of at the moment lol) uses an 8 mora CVVC reclist. I however, used a minimal 2-mora CVVC reclist. So I get a bit worried. My recordings look like this: a_e.wav...
  8. ArtsyP!nk

    My utau sounds...muffled...

    So, I've been testing my otos of Renaka Unupi's third act, and when I was comparing her core pitch to her stern (basically a power switch except it's a bit less powerful) addend, and her addend sounds..muffled compared to her core for some reason. Here's a sample. Core comes first. Is there a...
  9. ArtsyP!nk

    USTs Are Disappearing

    So, while tuning one UST out of my collection, I got tired and saved the project. I came back the next morning only to find the UST empty. Like, there was nothing there at all. Why is this happening to my files? It's been happening for about a month without many ends, excluding my Reunion cover.
  10. ArtsyP!nk

    FRQ Settings Are Cut Out

    So, while I was otoing Renny's third bank, I decided to test how it was going so far. It sounded like this... I thought that the oto was wrong, so I went to check it out, and it looked like this: The orange line looked really wrong, so I went to edit the FRQ map. The answer to a question I...
  11. ArtsyP!nk

    【Tamaki Yuri -Nova- 】Photon Blue 【UTAUカバー】

    the struggle was real.
  12. ArtsyP!nk

    How does this tuning sound?

    I've been working on this cover of Photon Blue and I got to the second verse. I tried tuning this part, but it sounds...weird. Any reason why? The sample below shows two attempts at tuning.
  13. ArtsyP!nk

    Voicebank Zao Buttermelt

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    Voicebank Tanaiwa Testuto

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  15. ArtsyP!nk

    What's a schwa?

    So I've been planning on doing an English voicebank, and while looking at the instructions of a reclist (Resolist if y'all wanted to know what reclist instructions I'm reading), I read that the "C" portion of the reclist is recorded with a schwa. I have no idea what that means. So what does this...
  16. ArtsyP!nk

    Just Value/Background Practice

    Since nothing in this painting has to do with UTAU (not really), I gonna post it here. It's a simple road, covered by hills/mountains, and has a bridge, which the character, a bunny, is sitting on. It's not the best perspective, but eh, it's progress.
  17. ArtsyP!nk

    Gonna Be a Quick One..

    This might be a question I should know the answer to, but I gotta ask: In a CVVC reclist I gotta use, there are these apostrophes in the reclist (ex. r'ar'-r'qr'-r'or'). How do I go about recording those lines(?) with those apostrophes?
  18. ArtsyP!nk

    So uh, How Would I Create An Oto For a Russian Reclist?

    I was preparing myself to record the Russian side of a bilingual voicebank, only to find that there seems to be no base oto for the reclist. The reclist deals with X-Sampa/Sampa, and it's made for a CVVC voicebank. So, since there is no oto for the reclist, how would I create one from scratch...
  19. ArtsyP!nk

    P!nk's art thread.

    So after a bit of thinking, I decided to create an art thread! It'll just consist of utau fanart, drawings of my utauloids(?) and concept art, if possible. I'm gonna kick it off with this: I've been trying to do more of a 'painterly' style when I do digital art. By the way, yes, my bab does...
  20. ArtsyP!nk

    【Tanaiwa Testuto & Zao Buttermelt】 World's End Dancehall 【UTAUカバー】

    I've been working on two voicebanks for a while, and now they're almost ready to be distributed! As I'm really happy with how they turned out (especially Zao's VB ), here's a demo?/preview? of those two doing a cover together. As you may have noticed, they sound a bit similar. That's because...