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  1. dezzydream

    sample won't play despite it existing in the voicebank

    i rerecorded a sample and deleted all of the files associated with it, but i still get this error message and then silence i've had this problem with only a few very specific samples and the only difference i can think of is recording them with a different mic at first. they sounded like the...
  2. dezzydream

    Open drop your babies for a medley

    i really don't feel like typing everything out again so plz read my twt thread
  3. dezzydream

    one sample getting screwed up

    i'm working on my korean bank and it's lite english capabilities and one particular sample won't process properly? i tried deleting it and re recording but nothing works.
  4. dezzydream

    vroid help

    not sure if anyone here uses vroid but i'm trying to make a model of noke but the problem is i can't figure out how to do her pigtails all the tutorials i find are for flowy pigtails but noke's are more like a whole limb because they're tied into multiple segments and i can't figure out how to...
  5. dezzydream

    envelope buttons randomly not working

    i'm using p2p3 a LOT with this voicebank because of the ending sounds, and it was working fine before but suddenly it isn't doing anything??
  6. dezzydream

    Critique Requested 【奇跡ノケMAGIC KOREANβ】Boundary【UTAU Cover】

    new korean voicebank using a reworked reclist i wrote, i'd like to ask how the vb itself sounds :) there's a link to an acapella version in the description so you can hear the vb itself since the instrumental hides a lot of her imperfections also my first try at making a bank that isn't cv!!! go...
  7. dezzydream

    Open OTO looking for someone to oto my korean bank

    so i just recorded a new korean bank for noke and i would totally oto it myself, but we're about to move and i'm so busy with packing and the fact that my flimsy little laptop doesn't run like it used to, i really can't do it right now. i'm willing to trade you art or even pay a commission since...
  8. dezzydream

    idk how to describe this but its an issue

    i just recorded (most of) a new bank and for some reason all the recordings look like this in utau: idk what's going on with it, and when i try to oto it, everything is just off and out of time
  9. dezzydream

    does anyone have a ust for lots of laugh?

    i found one on nnd but the timing is totally wack and when you time one part it throws everything else off, but i can't seem to find a different one :/
  10. dezzydream

    what pitches should i record for a tripitch vb?

    so i'm wanting to revive a defunct project of mine where i made an ia-esque vb with clear pronunciation and a celestial vibe. i ended up using that vb for noke's update because it sounded too similar to her. but i wanna try again and make a vcv tripitch with an appealing falsetto but also...
  11. dezzydream

    this is my hecking setup guys

  12. dezzydream

    what do you listen to while otoing?

    bro its late and i'm wide awake and bored. so i'm someone who has to listen to music while i oto or else i will lose my actual mind. i like to listen to utopian virtual music, it's a subgenre of vaporwave. like this:
  13. dezzydream

    so i doodled some babes in class

    i wanna use them for utau but i currently have nothing except designs and a concept. but i do kinda want them to be more for heavy music, like what v flower was created for.
  14. dezzydream

    found a way to mix vocals like livetune does

    planning to make a cover of a livetune song using my newfound knowledge if anyone's interested in how i did it pls let me know. i'll try to post a demo at some point. edit: demo posted
  15. dezzydream

    utau won't install?

    so my friend downloaded utau but she can't install it. i told her to change her locale and everything but its like the installer doesn't work.
  16. dezzydream

    not quite an intro but not sure where to post

    so i don't know if it's possible to change my display name bc i don't really like associating with the name iris anymore. if it is, then i'd like to know how so i can start being called my preferred name of dezmond instead.
  17. dezzydream

    Voicebank won't sing?

    So I'm being productive and working on Noke, but I've run into an issue. I'm recording her natural voicebank(its a multiappend) and for some reason when I place notes, she won't sing. Now, I did change the file name for the whole voicebank from NokeMagic to Noke Magic for better readability but...
  18. dezzydream

    I'm coming back ig

    so yeah i'm not dead i'm actually working on a cover right now i'll reintroduce myself. i'm dezzy, i'm 16, and i've been in this hellish fandom for almost 10 years and i don't think i'll ever leave oh and i like kpop that's why my avi is chenle from nct yes i still love him
  19. dezzydream

    something i spent longer than necessary making

  20. dezzydream

    Art New Voicebank in Production

    Hello! I'm recording a voicebank, I really don't have a name for the character. Her codename is voicebank_FEMALE. I got the idea for her while singing Meteor and I really wanted to make a bank with falsetto and a softer voice, with clear pronunciation like IA's. The problem: I need a design and...