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  1. tetodash

    Open PayPal OTO CV-C Oto?

    Hey is anyone able to Oto a CV-C bank? Or does anyone know someone who does? I will pay someone who would Oto a CV-C I’m making. I know it’s a fairly new reclist but it’s growing quite rapidly. This is what I’m referring to if you are unaware. Thanks!
  2. tetodash

    PayPal Video Editing Commissions

    I make UTAU videos with interesting visuals a lot now. I know not everyone is able to edit videos for one reason or another so I've deiced to start taking commissions for it. Here's a few examples of what I can do: I can do more than what is showcased here, such as including the lyrics on...
  3. tetodash

    Strange Ievan Polka YouTube Channels?

    So this is some what random but I think it’s still relevant to this community. I keep seeing these channels on YouTube who seem to make nothing but Utau/“Pitchloid”covers of Ievan Polka. They all seem to be made by children and use that app “Gatchalife” to some extent. One of these accounts I...
  4. tetodash

    Most Unique Western Utau

    I was thinking about how a lot of western Utaus sound really similar and don’t stand out very much. But there are some Western Utaus that have stood out for sounding unique or have an interesting design that really makes them stand out. The first Utaus I thought of when I think of being unique...
  5. tetodash

    My first time making a ust/vsq

    So I have just started working on making my first vsq (that will be converted into a ust too when done) and it’s kind of frustrating. I wanted to know how you guys stay motivated to do it. I’m doing what I thought wouldn’t be a hard song. I decided to go with Find The Magic from Equestria Girls...
  6. tetodash

    Voicebank Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal

    tetodash submitted a new Showcase Item: Hayashi Katsumi Cvvc/deepvocal Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. tetodash

    Utaus needed for Blessed Messiah and the Tower of IA cover

    Hello I need a few voicebanks for a cover of Blessed Messiah and the Tower of IA. I will only be accepting cv and vcv Japanese banks. I'm looking for Utaus to fill the following roles: Mayu, IA, Rin, Len, Gakupo, and Kaito.
  8. tetodash

    DeepVocal Rec List?

    Hello there I recently downloaded DeepVoice and was wondering what reclist I should use to make a new voice bank. For those of you that have already made a voice bank what reclist did you use? I'm mostly referring to JNP banks but I may make an ENG one later.
  9. tetodash

    Who would you like to see record a Vocaloid/Utau

    This is something I think about sometimes. It’s not legal to take someone’s voice and make it a Utau without their permission. But if a celebrity you like were to voice a Vocaloid or Utau who would like it to be? For me it would be Amy Lee because I love her voice so much and I think she would...
  10. tetodash

    That feeling when your Utau gets noticed

    Ever since I started using Utau again I’ve noticed that my subscribers on YouTube are growing fast. Something I meet people online (mostly Discord) and they’re will be like “Omg you voice Hayashi Katsumi” or will say something like “You have a Utau?! That’s so cool can you help me make one?!”...
  11. tetodash

    Inactive PayPal I want to pay you to make art for a cover for!

    Ok so I made a cover of -Error with my Utau Hayashi Katsumi. But I don’t have art for it. If someone could let me commission them to draw art of my Utau inspired by the cover that would be great. I am asking here because I’d like to commission some with experience drawing Utau related art...
  12. tetodash

    How do you feel about derivatives?

    There are a lot of derivatives out there, both using Vocaloids and Utaus. Some have even been recognized by the voice bank producer companies. Also Ted (Teto’s genderbent/older brother) is an official member of the Vipperloid family. But not all derivatives are good in my opinion. Some times...
  13. tetodash

    Does your Utau have any friends?

    It seems like a cool thing for your Utau as a character to have friends. Even the famous Vipperloids have friends. Such as Teto being friends with Momo, Defoko, Ritsu, ect. I tend to call my friend’s Utaus my Utau’s friends. My Utau Hayashi Katsumi is a very nice person (or robot) and is...
  14. tetodash

    Collab with me!

    Ok so something I’ve noticed in this community is that not many people are confident in their mixing but are in their tuning. It just so happens that I can mix but can’t tune. So we could collab together if you want! You can tune and I’ll mix. I can also make the art and possibly the video. I...
  15. tetodash

    Anyone else wish their Utau could one day be a Vocaloid?

    Sometimes I do dream about this and it’s not technically impossible. I mean before Ruby existed her voice provider had a Utau. But I’ve heard that actually making a Vocaloid voice bank is very expensive because of all the licensing. Seeing as I’m a broke college student I don’t think my dreams...
  16. tetodash

    No notes are playing no matter what I do.

    Hello there, I am currently working on a cover of Assault Mirage and none of the notes in Maiko's parts are playing no matter what voice bank I use. The UST is CV so I have been using CV friendly voice banks and none of the banks I'm using are working. The UST i'm using is here...
  17. tetodash

    Good Screamo Voicebanks?

    I’m gonna make a cover of assault mirage with my and my friend’s Utau. But I need a 3rd Utau that can do screamo. I would use Maiko but she’s the Utau used for the original song. If you have a screamo Utau or know of a good one let me know. Thanks.
  18. tetodash

    Help me fix my friend’s Utau for art.

    Hello, a friend of mine has a Utau that needs a bit of work. Her Utau isn’t able to read Kanji, only Romaji. I don’t really know how to fix this myself. I know plenty of people on here do know how to fix this though. If you would be willing to fix this I’ll draw you a picture of your Utau or any...
  19. tetodash

    Art trades anyone?

    Hello I’d like to know if anyone would like to do an art trade with me. I’ll be willing to do a few. I’ll drawing your Utau or really any character. Links to examples of my art:
  20. tetodash

    Voicebank Hayashi Katsumi

    tetodash submitted a new Showcase Item: Hayashi Katsumi Read more about this showcase item here...