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  1. zenithilia

    VocalFormater - A script to format lyrics to make them easy to input

    Because having to separate every phoneme in order to input lyrics, here is VocalFormater, a simple script to do that job, so you can mostly just paste the lyrics and start tuning faster. Download -> VocalFormater Windows users can download a binary, other users have to install Python, clone the...
  2. zenithilia

    AviUTL freezes the first frames of the video

    Everything is in the title, whenever I try importing a video to add a cover, the 100 first frames get frozen and I can't find how to fix that (re-importing the video fixes it at the first playback, then the problem reappears). I can't seem to find anything about that on the English web Got it...
  3. zenithilia

    I am looking for a French voice bank with an MMD model.

    Hello! Alys apparently got open-sourced and free recently, so you can get her here (UTAU voicebank available too) As for her MMD model, I have no idea if it exists or not. Have a nice day
  4. zenithilia

    Sound and software crash problems

    Update : I got UTAU to work, my problem was just that the decimal symbol and the group -thing symbol were inverted for some reason. I was sure I changed them in the past, it probably got changed again when I updated my PC or something like that.
  5. zenithilia

    Sound and software crash problems

    Crash problems seem to be solved, thanks for it! As for the fitting/sound problem, it still not works, the voicebank I want to use mostly gives me strange inhale sounds and skips some notes, and I have similar things with all other voicebanks I have installed
  6. zenithilia

    Need help downloading utau on my Mac!

    seems to be the official UTAU for OSX download
  7. zenithilia

    Sound and software crash problems

    Here's a video of the problems, crash + pronouncing problems. As for the directory, UTAU is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\UTAU
  8. zenithilia

    Sound and software crash problems

    So I've recently got interested into using UTAU which I've been having installed on my PC for about two years and so I decided to install some voicebanks and to start using it. But I've got two big problems that makes me unable to use it. The first is when I fit the my UST, and then when I try...
  9. zenithilia