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  1. Soursop the fruit

    Closed LF> Voicer to test beta INA reclist, will offer art in return

    Hello ~ I'm looking for a VP who's willing to record with my beta INA/Bahasa reclist for testing purpose. I'll draw art in return, check out my art thread or Artstation for work examples Please note i can't draw fullbody normal as it'll take very long to complete atm, other than that is fine^^...
  2. Soursop the fruit

    Inactive PayPal Website Sour's web design garden

    Hi guys, do you want your site to have a nice looking design? I'm focusing myself to be a Front-end web developer so i'll be selling my works here Let's start with ChewyGreen Homepage art made by me, character by @Kowareta33 Thanks to Baron(Qyther) for guiding me with JS scripting About...
  3. Soursop the fruit

    Want free sem-rel/anime fullbody of your Utoot?? [I'ts time for the PRIZE!!!]

    ~ Hello, Sour's here again! ~ Do you want your singing child get a semi-realistic/anime fullbody art by me? I set max 15 people to sign up their child reference and choose between semi-realistic/anime then i'll roll a number with google once it's full. One lucky person will get a full shaded and...
  4. Soursop the fruit

    Soursop's Art Thread

    Hello guys! This is a thread where i post my UTAU-related arts, from cheeb to Semi-realist. style. You can use my art here for your covers, please don't forget to credit me(Soursop the fruit) Let's start with a semi realistic art of Karasu Yuutsukoe! Click image for full size^^
  5. Soursop the fruit

    Open Discussion New UF smilies?

    Idk how to label thread as open discussion, can someone help me? ;-; So i've been thinking that our Defoko emojis are too old, so i'd like to give suggestion about making new smilies(or chat sticker) for UF. Here's a Defoko sticker that i made. "Defoko is feeling uneasy..." I'd like to know your...
  6. Soursop the fruit

    Sour's #UTAU30challenge (Taking reqs. 27/30)

    Since i've been studying web-programming all day(everyday) at home...I think it's a good and fun thing to let go of my daily exhaustion by doing this challenge. But, i'll just be drawing headshots or chibi chest-ups w/ pencil tool like my avatar (yes, i drew it myself) ...Um, is it called...
  7. Soursop the fruit

    [SOLVED]Can't generate .frq & weird .wav file?

    Yesterday, i was recording some samples with my headphone mic in Audacity. Then i generated their frq files in UTAU but it seems like nothing has changed, no orange line in the oto editor and i can't click the 'edit .frq map' button.. Not only that, the samples are having very large waveform in...
  8. Soursop the fruit

    There's a fruit who wants to introduce itself

    *You opened this thread and wondering why there's a soursop here* Hello my name is Soursop, you can call me Sour. I'm into UTAU and vocaloid But i like UTAU more because it's free and gives more freedom and creativity to the people, i run UTAU on Linux OS. My OS isn't what most of others use...