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    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Akorin - The OREMO killer Read more about this resource...
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    Event St. Defoko's School of UTAU Workshops

    St. Defoko's School of UTAU is a Discord server for supporting new and experienced UTAU users, and helping members of the community develop their skills. Every four weeks the members of the server can vote on a topic for a workshop, which will be held in the server and simultaneously streamed to...
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    Length Randomizer

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Length Randomizer - Randomize note lengths for choruses and multitracking Read more about this resource...
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    New Group Created - The UTAU Black Supermarket

    Kiyoteru has created a new group called The UTAU Black Supermarket. The UTAU Black Supermarket is a group of vocalsynth users and friends. We frequently discuss and collaborate on various topics, such as music production, technology, voicebank development, and characterization. The name of "The...
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    Resource Delta English

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Delta English - English translation of Delta English info and distribution page Read more about this resource...
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    Open Art Video Other Offering DeepVocal config, looking for art+video

    I'd like to practice configuring Mandarin Chinese voicebanks for DeepVocal before offering them in commissions. One pitch only, ANY reclist accepted. You'll receive the final configured voicebank and I'll also be using it to create an advertisement video. Mandarin slot: [open] In return, I'm...
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    赤い糸にぶら下がっている ft. Kumi Hitsuboku This year I participated in an UTAU Secret Santa event hosted on Twitter by Xepheris. I wrote a song as a gift for Lyncredulous! Arrangement/Guitar/Bass/Mixing: DystoP Lyrics/Melody/Tuning: Venkanto Vocals: Kumi Hitsuboku by cubialpha...
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    Resource English CC Supplement

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: English CC Supplement - Every sequence of 2 consonants in English Read more about this resource...
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    Tutorial ARPAsing FAQ

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Arpasing FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Arpasing Read more about this resource...
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    Magneto (Jasperango) ft. Dominic Schoepfer & flint

    We'd like to apologize not only to the viewer, but also to our parents, Zamenhof, the entire nation of Japan, and God. TRANSLATION/COMMENTARY: [coming soon] Song: Ryuusei-P UST: HaruVampire Vocals: UTAU flint and UTAU Dominic Schoepfer Lyrics/Tuning/Mixing: KLAD Lyrics/Tuning/Art/Video...
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    Hypa Hypa (UTAU and Bass Cover)

    I love this dumb song. My UTAU is a bassist, so I also cosplayed him and played the bass for this cover. Without bass
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    Open St. Defoko's Swap Collab

    This is a songwriting collab to help us all develop our skills! Everyone who joins will get the opportunity to practice all 4 of these: Composition, Production/Arrangement, Lyrics and Melody, and Vocal Tuning. After each step, the song will be swapped with another person. Once you sign up...
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    Hey Big Guy! ft. Akihana and Touchan

    I wrote this song as a gift for a Valentine's-themed creative exchange.
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    Tutorial setParam Plugin Development Guidelines

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: setParam Plugin Development Guidelines - English Translation Read more about this resource...
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    Curveball ft. Desan

    I wrote this song for St. Defoko's Secret Santa!
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    Contextual ん Plugin

    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Contextual ん Plugin - Change pronunciation of ん based on following note Read more about this resource...
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    Original KiyoteruQuest - Album Release

    This is an international collaborative music album to celebrate Kiyoteru's 8th Open House Day (キヨテル参観日8時間目), an annual event in the Hiyama Kiyoteru fandom. Please enjoy our 8 all-new original songs! iTunes: Apple Music...
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    KiyoteruQuest - Recruiting for a collab album

    Sign up here: Musicians will be composing instrumental tracks and mixing their songs. (Album mastering to be handled by album organizers) Lyricists will write song lyrics. Tuners will tune and render Kiyoteru's vocals. Artists will create track art and...
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    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: crimson - - Read more about this resource...
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    Kiyoteru submitted a new resource: Lineart - it wowaka Read more about this resource...