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    Voicebank Keromi Lilli

    idol submitted a new Showcase Item: Keromi Lilli Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Closed UTAU exchange BI-MONTHLY

    The UTAULOID art exchange is an exchange for UTAU creators to gain hand made content for their UTAU, and to share their talents with others. In order for this exchange to go through, we will need more than 10 people to sign up. Please sign up and share with others if you're interested. Tumblr...
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    UTAU voice for art

    Hello! I'm looking to revamp some UTAU and need some voices :) Voices I need: -Soft, sweet voice. Whispery almost -Strong feminine voice -Masculine voice that doesn't sound childish -Soft masculine voice that also doesnt sound childish I'd love a vcv bank, but if cv is all you can do and I...
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    Open Adopting UTAU that you don't want

    Hello! It's that time of the year. If you have an UTAU recorded or own that you no longer want, I'll adopt and give them new life! I'll be sure to keep all previous credits- including who voiced them and who oto'd them, if applicable. I'll also respect any rules you put in place. I love doing...
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    Open UTAU exchange (INTEREST CHECK)

    Hello! I'm wanting to set up an UTAU exchange that happens monthly (or maybe Bimonthly) where you can sign up to give art or use an utau in a song, to encourage use of unknown and rarely used utau! There would be themes around holidays, too. My main question, is would anyone be interested...
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    Alien + Android themed UTAU

    I asked for alien themed utau here but it's quite old and i'm sure there are more now- I also wanted to see android themed utau! These themes are my favorite, so i'll probably draw + use these utaus for covers and such!
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    Open Looking for USTS

    Heya! If you know where to get an ust/ or if you could make one for me i'd be super happy! <3 -Mr Android : (also needing off vocal) -iiillluuuvvvUUU : -DANCE! VR DANCE! : any help is wonderful! thank you <3
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    Look at my MMD fails please

    Help is accepted but this is mostly just to giggle at :D Marvel at how bad at mmd I am!
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    Inactive PayPal Art Utau commissions (+other commissions)

    Hello all! I've been gone for a while due to depression + other things but i think being back and even doing commissions will help me a lot. So i'm doing a deal for you all!!!!! Bust sketch - 10$ Halfbody sketch - 15$ Fullbody sketch - 20$ for flat colors just add a dollar more, and for full...
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    Looking for someone to do a CV OTO

    Would anyone like to help? It's a simple cv, so nothing huge. My voice samples might be wonky ;; also might need to delete the frqs since I tried doing a auto oto that was kinda Wonky
  11. idol

    「Crybaby Robot」Miku Hatsune V4X (demo) 【VOCALOID COVER】

    credits in sc post! vocaloid is fun but difficult-
  12. idol

    Haku Covers Thread!

    Please bear in mind that i'm still learning and everything in vocaloid is Hard I decided to use Haku Yowane because everyone's used Miku for like everything so...Might as well give the lonely girl some love!
  13. idol

    Help opening Piapro?

    I have it downloaded to use Miku v4x but I cant seem to find a way to open it? It shows up in 'uninstall and change programs' but no where else x_x help please...
  14. idol

    What song would you like to hear Haku Yowane sing?

    I got Miku's demo so of course I'm gonna make some Haku things. What songs would you like to hear most?
  15. idol

    What are your favorite USTS / UTAU covers?

    I really love finding usts with godly tuning- or even just covers with godly tuning. Some of my faves are: Any ust by Half-A-Head any ust by cillia (especially end of rain) This godly thing thats, of course, not all but its all i can remember rn
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    Voicebank Chiyo Tsukiyume

    idol submitted a new Showcase Item: Chiyo Tsukiyume Read more about this showcase item here...
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    .OTO help

    Heya! This OTO was done in moresampler and I just at the time am not capable of making a proper oto for it. It's a little off time but it has all aliases and such so it'd be quicker than you just doing the oto entirely! Here's the VB...
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    Voicebank Chiyo Tsukiyume

    idol submitted a new Showcase Item: Chiyo Tsukiyume Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Do you have an unused UTAU bank?

    Heya! I've noticed a trend in people making utau voice banks but never using them / deciding they no longer want them but have the voice recorded If you have one of those i'd be happy to either A- help design a character for the utau and use it for you, while you retain rights B- Take it off...
  20. idol

    Seeking Childish female voice (vcv or cv)

    I'm looking for a female childish voice for a younger utau! She's gonna be a Chuunibyou Mostly looking for a peppy childish voice, but soft/gentle can work too! I'll trade art for it. //cries at my backlog