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  1. cubialpha

    Happy 9th Anniversary, Hitsuboku Kumi

    Just want to share two new releases celebrating Kumi's 9th anniversary. BuckP also composed an original song to celebrate as well, so please check it out! :) Hope you enjoy.
  2. cubialpha

    Seeking help from Chinese users: Files hosted on BaiduCloud

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone to help me grab a file from bilibili/baidu cloud. As an American, I'm unable to make an account (it will deny verification by any US phone numbers). I'm trying to download the off-vocal for this song ( The author...
  3. cubialpha

    Open Trading artwork for quality oto.ini configuration!

    Edit: All slots have been taken! :cry::love: But I'll have more voicebanks to configure in the near future! Be on the lookout if you'd still like to get some artwork. :wink: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everybody!! As many of you might already...
  4. cubialpha

    Seeking Unavailable Retired UTAU for 60+ Medley Chorus!

    Some friends and I are working on a medley chorus using only UTAU that are discontinued/abandoned with no more public download links. Here is our current list: We have access to most of these voicebanks...
  5. cubialpha

    Kumi Hitsuboku Retirement - Recording ALL VBs NOW & Taking Requests! [closed]

    Greetings all! Thank you so much for checking out this thread. First off, I have an announcement to make regarding the UTAU Kumi Hitsuboku (aka 'The Kentucky-Fried Miku Bootleg'). I am unfortunately going to retire from recording soon. But don't be sad!! This is the part where I ask for your...
  6. cubialpha

    Voicebank Kumi Hitsuboku

    cubialpha submitted a new Showcase Item: Kumi Hitsuboku Read more about this showcase item here...
  7. cubialpha

    Plug-Ins not working

    I'm helping a friend get started in utau, and the plug-ins won't work for him. He's also having problems downloading that Microsoft framework thing that is supposedly required to use them. Anyone got any ideas? :\
  8. cubialpha

    Is it possible to remove all pitch bends/vibrato?

    Hello everyone! While experimenting with scream UTAUs, CO2 and Maiko, I've discovered they sound best without any vibrato or pitch bends. What I want to know, is it possible to remove them all at once? Thanks~
  9. cubialpha

    Tips for using scremo UTAU Maiko Hakaine?

    Hello!! There are some yell/scream UTAUs out there, CO2 and Maiko, and I am having a hard time getting them to sound okay in UTAU. Does anyone have any flags or advice for using them? Thanks!
  10. cubialpha

    Mic Adjustment

    I was trying out my new Cyber Acoustics mic, and it catches a lot of background noise (example, the faint hum of my fish tank's aerator). This is a problem that my laptop mic doesn't have. Is there any solution for this? Or a way to change settings?? Thanks~
  11. cubialpha


    Hello! I have been using UTAU for a couple years now, so I'm no stranger to weird problems and glitches, but I've ALWAYS managed to find a solution. Today, I installed UTAU on my new netbook (WinXP 32bit). I changed System Locale to Japanese, and tested it out, and hiragana notes are showing...