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  1. pickko

    Piano Tail (Tiles) for fans of utau/vocaloid

    For fans of the vocaloid, and the mobile music game - piano tiles: I am working on a new project, To improve on the mobile game - piano tiles to play vocaloid songs What it will look like Watch out for a gameplay video coming soon. What vocaloid songs would you like...
  2. pickko

    Pianopick the piano and singing game

    My name is Pickko, helper of Pianopick. During my free time, I have been working on Pianopick, doing development work and building up my website, It is a game that I have been working on since Sep, 2015. What type of game is Pianopick? It is a game that allow you...
  3. pickko

    Hello Utau Forumers

    Hi Utau Forumers, I have been playing around with utau software for the past few weeks. It was hard to get started at first. But there are some really good USTs on the internet to learn from, I learnt a lot from those good USTs and it was fun. The utau wiki and utau forum are really helpful...