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    Deleting account for new one...

    So I haven't used this account in forever. I have been taking a huge hiatus from UTAU and I want to get back into it through a new account to have a fresh start. @Hentai
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    Draw Yourself meme

    I wanted to make this a thing on UTAU forum for a while now but I've been quite busy with school work. Draw yourself! I wanna see what and how you guys picture yourselves! Draw in any medium that you like! I'll start first -...
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    AbigailWK'S ART DUMP (MoRE LIKe ShIT DumP)

    Some of my art-
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    Poor baby ;7;

    My little brother was talking to this girl he liked and he confessed...she said heck no! He's sulking in his room right now- ;n; My poor baby
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    (UTAU ORIGINAL) Baby I'm Drowning (WIP)

    My first time making a original song- I wanna see where I can go with this. The story of this song is supposed to be a girl drowning after she falls off a ship. The chorus is really intense since it's supposed to be what the rush of drowning feels like. I'm still working on the lyrics so I will...
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    Help with my UTAU Rerecording

    I'm rerecording my UTAU Hana Megumi (Finally) and I need to know what exactly I need to changed . I also need help finding the proper CV reclist since the once I find don't have all the sounds. I can't move on to VCV until I finish Hana's CV. Sample: Download...
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    How much should purchasable UTAU's be?

    As you guys may know, I am making the African's Children Project (Changing the name soon) I need to know how much should buyable UTAUs be? I know they must be really good quality voicebanks as well have good designs and good art. I'm not even sure how much the windows 100% UTAU magazines are...
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    Melody.exe (UTAU Cover) *Hana Megumi*

    My utauloid Hana Megumi sings Melody.exe
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    Five Nights At Freddy's Song (UTAU Cover)

    Listen to my utauloid Hana Megumi sing Five Nights At Freddy's: