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  1. Ris


    Yay! Welcome! Thank you for coming here.
  2. Ris

    [UTAU] Tawagoto Speaker [Hiyasuyoru Uchuusen]

    I like this song. Your UTAU has a good voice.
  3. Ris

    UTAU Design contest!

  4. Ris

    (鳳仙花) Balsam - Master Chance

  5. Ris

    Open UTAU commissions

    Hello! UTAU commissions are now open! I need money, so I will be glad to draw UTAU-related art. - Additional info Rules: - I accept Points and Paypal; - Prices are set for one UTAU character; - Base price can change depending on your preferences; - If you feel...
  6. Ris

    Open ->MANY<- UTAU's needed, Medley. VCV ONLY!

    Hello! I recently made a VCV for Master Chance. I will be glad if you consider MC for Clover Club! and A Song for You, A Flower for Me. :sing:
  7. Ris

    Ur-Style - Master Chance

    I tested new VCV VB There are some problems here, but i'm happy
  8. Master Chance

    Master Chance

    Like a ghost. Subtle. With a Quiet voice.
  9. Ris

    Voicebank Master Chance

    Ris submitted a new Showcase Item: Master Chance Read more about this showcase item here...
  10. Ris

    イリヤイリヤ (Iriya Iriya) - Master Chance

    I tested new VB, lol
  11. Ris

    Free ~BUSTS~ hello! :D + voice
  12. Ris

    Open Art Free (Female) UTAU Sketch

    Hello w_w
  13. Ris

    9 UTAU - Water Blue New World

    I can't mix a few voices
  14. Ris

    Ur-Style - Master Chance

    I'm glad you liked it. Her Voicebank name is Master Chance and this is my UTAU.
  15. Ris

    Ur-Style - Master Chance

  16. Ris

    Open 【OPEN】Alice of Human Sacrifice 【UTAU Chorus】
  17. Ris

    Promise - Aino Erufu and Master Chance

    Probably, I will draw cover picture for this cover. :creepy: I hope you will like it. I have not mixed for a long time 2 or more voices.
  18. Ris


    Yay! Thank you for letting me know.
  19. Ris

    Moresampler 0.8.4 Download

    Aww...thank you~ :sing:
  20. Ris


    Thanks for the answer. For some reason this site doesn't work for me :( I found arpasing for other languages, so I was a little unsure that this applies only to the English language. Also I can't download Moresampler :(