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  1. Litrex

    UTAU Errors

    Hi, so whenever I try to either switch a UST to VCV or use the p2p4 sampler or anything else, UTAU gives me the Overflow error. I've uninstalled it at least a few times and reset my computer, but nothing works? What am I doing wrong and how could I fix it?
  2. Litrex

    Failed to render wav file

    Hi, I've been having trouble rendering wav files of any kind with any resampler, even the default one. It's been fine since today, and its been driving me crazy. I hope someone has a solution to this. :(
  3. Litrex

    Help downloading Synth V

    I hope I can post this here. When i try to download the windows version of Synth V, it redirects me back to the original site. Is this intentional, or is there another way I can download it, I'm going for the basic edition
  4. Litrex

    Converting a English VSQ to UTAU?

    I want to know (if possible) if an English vsq can be converted to be either CVVC or VCV Japanese (maybe Engrish) for use in UTAU. Is there a method that works, or is this outright impossible?
  5. Litrex

    Help Finding Plugin

    Does anybody know if there is a copy-paste pitchbend plugin? I heard there was one by Higgins-P, but the website is hard to navigate. Is it still available?, or is there something else I can use?
  6. Litrex

    Is there a way to download Akito Karashine?

    I have been able to download Mizuki Zuiga, but not Akito Karashine. Is there a way I could get one of the voicebanks? The website link leads to a 403.
  7. Litrex

    Greetings, members of Utaform 4.0

    I am a beginner UTAU user, who is always looking for new ways to cover and make original songs. Right now I do not have the knowledge to make originals, so I cover songs for right now. I am hoping to be a very good UTAU musician, and I would like to ask if there are any ways I could get better...