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  1. shinami

    Gahata Meiji usage help?

    Never poked a Meiji bank except her old ones (I'm an old UTAU fart), but generally in UTAU if you want to use a specific pitch you just put a ? at the beginning of a note. So to make her "a ka" which defaults to G4 be C4 for example you'd make it "?a ka" if C4 has no suffix or "?a kaC4" to force...
  2. shinami

    I'm not even new here.

    HI ANGEL Like Melo says I can't tell if you're saying bye or it's more of a "Hi guys, I left for a long time and I'm back but I won't really be doing stuff with UTAU anymore but I will be on the forum time to time." Which is kinda what I do, haha. I totally get the feel though man, I'm an adult...
  3. shinami

    can nobody make covers of this song in the u.s anymore ?

    A worrisome thing I've heard is that many Japanese companies are in deals with Nico Nico Douga, especially music companies. And while I have no confirmation of this, a lot of people are saying that it might mean that they'll never agree with Red. Like the ESPN problem - they're already in a...
  4. shinami

    The Vocal Render Hub

    useful necro thread *pops in and waves* For discontinued UTAUs, I have Sorane Rana, Sorane Yui, and all of Yui's appends, but rather than render people can just have them if they PM me - I remember the creators saying that person to person distribution is 100% okay. I also have CO2 and...
  5. shinami


    Quite honestly memory might be playing tricks with me on DECO*27 - I remember there was a discussion and I feel like there was a tweet, it was around the Aimai Elegy incident and if there was such a tweet it might have been him being upset about the covers at the time. I remember a lot of...
  6. shinami


    uwah many intense feels in this thread I really do think it depends on the producer. When I made a UST and covered a song by whoo he happily tweeted about it and was clearly overjoyed that people enjoyed his works and wanted to cover them! Meanwhile I don't cover DECO*27 songs because years ago...
  7. shinami

    New VOCALOID4 Engloid: Ruby

    I have the same feel as Lui, honestly the samples showed of very different usages of her, I think all were decent except one at the end. I do have the feeling that many of the samples were likely created with Cyva then hurridly had Ruby plugged into them. For instance her Hibikase sample from a...
  8. shinami

    Gumi V4 ???

    *stares at intensely* I collect pokemon cards by the wayyyyy *nudge nudge wink wink* depending on what you have (feel free to PM me~)
  9. shinami

    Gumi V4 ???

    I kinda hope if it is real and she has multiple extends that they don't charge too much this time around haha, I like the Internet Co. Vocaloids more than the Crypton ones but when you only have to pay one regular price for many voicebanks and Piapro studio for a Crypton but need to pay like a...
  10. shinami

    What resampler is favorite?

    Default resampler is best as it's most versatile but every resampler has it's place. I need to play with VS4U more, it's not too bad. But yeah like using multiple resamplers is good though - like in one UST I was working on the breaths were rendered with bkh01, the low parts with tn_fnds, and...
  11. shinami

    Unknown UTAU

    Hit the random button on old Utau Wiki, haha, best method for finding unused random old bad banks. XD
  12. shinami

    Favorite UTAUloid?

    scott Usage is most important and all the vippers can be used well, I guess I'd say my least favorite are Rook and Oniko (though neither are bad) as all the others are pretty even, with Ruko and Ritsu having an edge with the sheer variety of voicebanks available. With all UTAUs ever, haha...
  13. shinami

    Open Discussion Removal of (or option to disable) Teto emotes in chat

    Kinda off topic, but has ' always been interpreted as a nose??? One of my favorite emotes is :'D which I always thought was like a tear with a happy face. my world is utterly changed and destroyed if the nose thing is true. I don't think that things like :emotesad: or whatever would be a good...
  14. shinami

    Open Discussion Removal of (or option to disable) Teto emotes in chat

    (it's defoko btw) I think they're cute and harmless, but I do kinda agree that if there is a way with the chat box to disable them that might be for hte best for some people. I don't care much though, maybe people really have cared all along and they'll chime in now.
  15. shinami

    /blows dust off account

    YOOOOOOO MAN welcome back! IT seems to be the year of oldies returning to the fray haha, I just came back last month.
  16. shinami

    Resolved Problems with confirmation emails

    If you haven't seen this post yet: So message Myst however you can, they're looking into it.
  17. shinami

    Resolved Not getting reset password e-mail

    If you haven't seen this post yet: So message Myst however you can, they're looking into it.
  18. shinami

    Your biggest UTAU screw ups

    chezzie plz power append czloid for cvvc tone (I was actually super fond of it actually, but VCCV is 1000% times clearer/better, why not both?) obligatory comment about her being mimi's evil twin sister who she was never told about Anyways, sillies aside! It's really embaressing when on your...
  19. shinami

    Resolved Not getting reset password e-mail

    Hmmm this is the second person reporting some kind of email from Utaforum not arriving, I'm starting to worry something might be wrong with the system, I wonder. If I see a mod I'll pass your thread along don't worry!
  20. shinami

    「 UTA nessen 」 - Winter UPCOMING UTAU CONTEST

    I'm curious, will this contest be advertised on Nico or to any other communities? I imagine you'll accept any entry sent by Twitter, is only fair, but I'm curious if the Japanese UTAU community will be told haha. ;; Also, are people allowed to post progresses? And having a combination of...