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  1. Underlapped

    Critique Requested Various New Utau Covers

    Hello!! Its been a long while since ive posted here but I think ive improved significantly since the last time! I would like to show and receive some opinions on my more recent covers! (Theyre listed in order of newest to oldest) 404: Death Should Not Have Taken Thee! ...
  2. Underlapped

    My Usts aren't coming out right

    So I've been trying to make my own usts for a while, but everytime I try to actually use them, some issues arise I'll try to explain but it is a bit difficult to explain so, on word endings like "ai" "ei" "en" "un" etc, etc, it sounds really strange? and usually I'd attribute that to some...
  3. Underlapped

    Critique Requested 【Hitomi Akane Scarlet】Android Girl【UTAU cover】

    I made this a while back! I tested a power voicebank I made, and while there's a lot of kinks I still gotta work out, I think it came out pretty good! Akem's tuning is god tier please let me know what you think! Credits: UST by AKEM Song by Deco*27 original:
  4. Underlapped

    Help with Talkloid?

    Hi!!!! I'm trying to make a Ust for the Oingo Boingo Brothers song from Jojo's Bizarre adventure!!! However, I have no idea how to make a talkloid! I tried and I failed ;-; I was wondering if someone could help me make a ust for the talking parts? I can do the singing parts!! If you are...
  5. Underlapped

    Critique Requested 【Hitomi Akane】Crime & Punishment 【UTAU cover】

    Hey everybody! So I released this new cover a bit ago, but I figured I should share it now! I'm especially proud because I animated a video to go along with it!! It's with Hitomi's brand new voicebank as well! I took some peoples advice while recording this one so lets hope its better! Please...
  6. Underlapped

    Tips for recording a power voicebank?

    Hey, I hope this is where I'm supposed to post this! I want to make a power voicebank for my utau Hitomi, so I wanted some recording tips Am I supposed to be loud? Do I strain? Stuff like that!
  7. Underlapped

    Would anyone be willing to OTO my English VB?

    Hi! I made one post like this in here before, but unfortunately my Voicebank is still sitting there unusable ;w; if anyone would be willing to help I would be so grateful!!! There are so many songs ive been wanting to do :bigtears: I used Cz's English reclist!
  8. Underlapped

    Troubles With Voicebank Folder

    I guess this isn't anything super serious, its more of a huge annoyance and its super confusing for organization! So, for some reason ill put a new voicebank into the voice folder on utau, and then maybe I decide I dont like the voice, so I remove it from the voice folder or delete it entirely...
  9. Underlapped

    Pinky Swear Cover Art

    I made this cover for the song Yubikiri! Believe it or not, they're both Hitomi haha! Based of Miku's outfits for Yubikiri uwu Thoughts?
  10. Underlapped

    I need help OTOing a VCCV english vb

    Unfortunately I'm having a lot of trouble with Otoing! I've watched a few tutorials but for some reason it just doesn't make sense in my head. Would anyone be able to help? I used CZ's Reclist!! ;0;
  11. Underlapped

    Open Voice Provider Needed for male UTAU

    Hi! I have an UTAU named Hikaru Itone (His design is in another thread) And unfortunately I'm having trouble with his voicebank. My voice can't go so deep, and when I try I get really quiet ^^; He's 18 years old and is a pretty serious character. His best friend and duet partner is Hitomi Akane...
  12. Underlapped

    Thoughts on Hikaru's Design?

    Hiiii everyone!!!! A while ago I posted Hitomi!! I finally finished Hikaru's design! Hikaru is Hitomi's best friend :D I wanted to know what you guys think! My art hasn't been doing well lately but I'm still pretty proud! ^^ Main Outfit Alternate outfit
  13. Underlapped

    Critique Requested 【Hikaru Itone & Hitomi Akane】Feathers Across The Seasons 【UTAU cover】 (TEST)

    Hello everybody!! I just recently covered Feathers Across the Seasons with my UTAU :) I recently created new VCV voicebanks for them. Please criticize me! Especially on the mixing! I need to learn because I'm still pretty new to this! (But please be gentle :'D ) I'm gonna try to embed the cover...
  14. Underlapped

    Thoughts on Hitomi's design?

    Hiiii everyone!!!! I made an utau about a few days ago!! These are her designs, her main one, and her alternate! What do you guys think? (I don't know how to put images in my posts so I'll just put links!)
  15. Underlapped

    Issues with crashing and resampler

    Hi! So, despite my utaus sounding super choppy and robotic, which I hope to solve by asking for help with my otos, im having some other issues! One issue I have is that sometimes when I try to play usts back, the loading will pause on a certain note and cause the whole program to crash! Another...
  16. Underlapped

    My thumbnail art for my Suki Kirai cover!!

    [/IMG] Here are my new Utaus, Hikaru and Hitomi! I hope you like them! Hmmm there seems to be a problem with the bb code ;-;
  17. Underlapped

    Hi Hi!!!

    Hi There!!! My name is Underlapped! I'm brand new to UTAU and I have just created two different voice banks named Hitomi Akane and Hikaru Itone!!! I love to draw, in fact my profile picture is a drawing I did of Hitomi! Nice to meet you!
  18. Underlapped

    My New Utau Sounds Really Weird

    So!!! I created two new Utaus from my voice, and I just got through Otoing one of them I followed a pretty thorough tutorial on how to download UTAU and I am pretty sure my settings are all correct (I can't say 100 percent though since I am completely brand new to UTAU) The problem is that on...