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  1. FluoroLime

    Simple question about otoing

    Hey utaforum squad I've recorded a cv bank that sounds pretty nice so far! However, some sounds are a bit sluggish in the consonant department. One common offender is 'so' in the b3 pitch. It's mainly just soft consonants that I have this issue with. Any help would be mucho appreciatedo! <3...
  2. FluoroLime

    【UTAU】Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story ~CITRUS REMIX~ 【Tohoku Itako】

    Yup. Tohoku Itako, that UTAU funded by a kickstarter a while back.
  3. FluoroLime

    Yamine Renri keeps crashing UTAU Synth? But her Clear voicebank doesn't crash?

    Unfortunately I can't help you with the Yamine Renri problem as I'm away from my laptop, but the second one is easily told. Aight so basically, when you hit k you are resetting the UST to its default state, which resets all the pitchbends and envelopes to how they were before somebody edited...
  4. FluoroLime

    Reintroducing Myself

    yooo thank u!
  5. FluoroLime

    【UTAU】Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story ~CITRUS REMIX~ 【Tohoku Itako】

    Here we go! If y'all have any criticism let me know I am EAGER to improve. It's been years and I'm still obsessed with this one damn VB
  6. FluoroLime

    Reintroducing Myself

    What up yall! I don't know if anyone will remember me, but I was in this fandom a few years back and yooo my weeb interests have come full circle. My skills have improved a heap I reckon since I used to chill here, and I am mega interested in hitting up this whole forum yo. Interests: -...
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    NIAONiao Wikia.

    bio you are a lifesaver
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    Collab Creator

    Mixer, but I have some knowledge of music theory. Musician isn't completely off the table
  9. FluoroLime

    Month of Song Challenge

    2nd of July to 2nd of August (I hope I can finish this time :/)
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    o M G you like nana high five yes i love her so much you are cool in my books ANYWAY i look forward to seeing you around ^-^
  11. FluoroLime

    Could someone OTO my VCV voicebank once it's done?

    I would suggest generating an oto then
  12. FluoroLime

    Taking Mixing Requests! -CLOSED

    I really want to mix for people. So just link me the raw vocals and it shall be mixed. 0 spots available OMGPingu
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    Nice to meet you! Lets all be buds.
  14. FluoroLime

    Month of Song Challenge

    I'll join! I'll start on the 5th of April, and I'll finish on the 4th of May.
  15. FluoroLime

    Hello UTAU World!

    Nice to meet you! :creepy:
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    Hiya! Nice to meet you!
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    Hello!! My name is Kayla!

    Nice to meet you :creepy:
  18. FluoroLime

    Is someone willing to be flooded with questions?

    don't worry, I think the tiny editor works fine to import vbs
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    I give you air from my lungs!

    Herro you seem fun