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  1. FluoroLime

    Simple question about otoing

    Hey utaforum squad I've recorded a cv bank that sounds pretty nice so far! However, some sounds are a bit sluggish in the consonant department. One common offender is 'so' in the b3 pitch. It's mainly just soft consonants that I have this issue with. Any help would be mucho appreciatedo! <3...
  2. FluoroLime

    【UTAU】Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story ~CITRUS REMIX~ 【Tohoku Itako】

    Here we go! If y'all have any criticism let me know I am EAGER to improve. It's been years and I'm still obsessed with this one damn VB
  3. FluoroLime

    Reintroducing Myself

    What up yall! I don't know if anyone will remember me, but I was in this fandom a few years back and yooo my weeb interests have come full circle. My skills have improved a heap I reckon since I used to chill here, and I am mega interested in hitting up this whole forum yo. Interests: -...
  4. FluoroLime

    Taking Mixing Requests! -CLOSED

    I really want to mix for people. So just link me the raw vocals and it shall be mixed. 0 spots available OMGPingu
  5. FluoroLime

    I wanna use your UTAU! CLOSED

    So yeah, I need more UTAU Voicebanks! Just give me your UTAU, and I'll make a list and make covers with them. ~Form~ Name: Sample: VB DL: ~List~ 1. Eclaire - Pluvumi - DONE 2. Nozomi Kitsune - OMGPingu 3. Kaori Amai - AmeKinoko - DONE 4. Victor Reinheld - Takuju 5. Equinox - Fmccaddy 6. Matt -...
  6. FluoroLime

    VocaUTAU YouTube Stream?

    Ok, so I had this idea thanks to another thread, but I can't seem to find it anymore. What if a group of people got together and decided to do a stream of YouTube about VOCALOID & UTAU stuff (news, etc)? And it'd be kind of like a radio show, where there'd be only audio, and there'd be music and...
  7. FluoroLime

    Seasonal Feathers [6 UTAU CHORUS]

    Heya everyone! Sorry for the delay! Well, with no further ado, here ya go! Now a note on your UTAUs! Trilli - WendyTheCreeper Nice feminine/manly voice (idk how to say it). Quality of samples is ok, but can skyrocket to goodness with some good mixing. Kaori Amai - AmeKinoko Also a nice...
  8. FluoroLime

    Dareka, Umi Wo

    FluoroLime submitted a new resource: Dareka, Umi Wo - Zankyou no Terror's ED Read more about this resource...
  9. FluoroLime

    Hitoshizuku-P FC!

    Our go-to for depressing VOCALOID songs. Members Songs Images Userbars
  10. FluoroLime

    Design/s for UST Tuning?

    Ok, so I have 2 UTAUs that currently need designs. BUT it'd be really greedy of me to just ask without offering anything in return because I've done that already. So, I'll tune a UST for you if you do a pretty design. An example of my tuning: The UTAUs that need designs: 1. Tamiko Kaigashi...
  11. FluoroLime

    Fantasy Life

    So there's this new game coming out for the 3DS. It's called Fantasy Life, and it looks cool. Fantasy Life
  12. FluoroLime

    Requesting UTAUs for a Seasonal Feathers Chorus! C:

    Ok so, I had this idea a couple of days ago. (gosh i can't put it into words what is wrong with me) Well, you submit an UTAU for the Chorus, and that's all you have to do. What I'll do, is I'll get your submission, find your UTAU a partner, and then I'll divide the song into parts. Here is...
  13. FluoroLime


    FluoroLime submitted a new resource: Ribon - Japanese CV Read more about this resource...
  14. FluoroLime

    Voicebank Ribon

    FluoroLime submitted a new Showcase Item: Ribon Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. FluoroLime

    What's Your Vocal Range?

    Mine goes from E2 to E3 without falsetto <tiny range. I swear my voice is super low.
  16. FluoroLime

    How to use plugins on UTAU-Synth?

    Is it possible? I'd like to try using UTALIS.
  17. FluoroLime

    I was just locked out of UtaForum?

    View the attached file to see what happened. Why did this happen?
  18. FluoroLime

    CV OTOing for Free ~CLOSED~

    So, I'll OTO your Japanese CV bank for free. Why? Uh... I don't know :wink:. Just contact me if you want. Examples of banks I've OTOed are: And my own UTAU, obviously XD Post in this thread if you want help.