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  1. Dangosan

    probably I don't understand anything?

    Could you show me the oto editor waveforms for "あ", "い" and "いぇ"? I have a hunch that the offset values are greater than the duration of the samples, causing said samples to be skipped over. Either that, or the cutoff values are set incorrectly.
  2. Dangosan

    probably I don't understand anything?

    Do the voicebanks have a file? The file contains the pitch prefixes and suffixes to be set for each note. If the voicebanks do not come with a then you will have to set pitch suffixes using SuffixBroker. I would like to take a look at the て_A4 sample in the...
  3. Dangosan

    probably I don't understand anything?

    I'd say that your issues are caused by the "little squeaks" glitch if I had to guess. The glitch is caused by incorrect locale settings that prevent the oto.ini from being parsed correctly, hence the silence and offset values appearing to be ignored. To defuse the glitch you have to modify your...
  4. Dangosan

    Am i doing this right?

    The offset should cover only the silence at the beginning of each sample while the fixed part (and the cutoff) should be set to a length/position that allows the samples to be stretched by the synthesis engine without quality issues. Pre-utterance goes at the transition between the consonant and...
  5. Dangosan

    mmd model shortcut?

    It is completely possible to create hair with multiple colors in VRoid.
  6. Dangosan

    The 3D Hub!

    Added VRoid and the UuuNyaa fork of blender_mmd_tools. I previously excluded blender_mmd_tools as I regarded it as garbage but I nevertheless switched to it later as it turned out to be really decent with powroupi's fork on which UuuNyaa's fork is based.
  7. Dangosan

    mmd model shortcut?

    If you want to take a shortcut with 3D modelling, give VRoid a try. While its item selection is far from wide and suffers from a serious lack of smaller accessories, it is still quite apt to get the task done. Plus, its license permits distribution and conversion of creations IIRC. (You might...
  8. Dangosan


    Hi @yumiiizuno and welcome to UtaForum! To make UTAU work as intended you only have to change your non-Unicode locale and your decimal symbol to a point if your regional settings default to a different symbol. Assuming you have Windows 8 or newer, you can modify these settings in Windows...
  9. Dangosan

    How would you "compile" the noises into being an actual voicebank?

    If you don't care about things like Kana support you can call it a day with just putting the samples in a folder depending on how the samples were recorded. In the vast majority of cases, however, voicebanks require setup files to work as intended, of which the oto.ini is the most important...
  10. Dangosan

    why won't Defoko sing even with pc's region changed??

    Welcome to UtaForum, thehatman! Is the language setting for non-Unicode applications set correctly? Go to Control Panel->Time and Region->Region->Change date, time and number formats (or click "Additional date, time and regional settings" in Dashboard->Time and Language->Region to activate the...
  11. Dangosan

    I cant hear my voicebank

    Your regional settings could also be messing with how UTAU interprets the oto.ini. Go to your Regional Settings panel and set your decimal symbol to a point if you haven't already.
  12. Dangosan

    *Gakupo vibes intensify*

    *Gakupo vibes intensify*
  13. Dangosan

    EHL and Kenchan and Kiyoteru have guides on setting up UTAU on Linux. A translated version of...

    EHL and Kenchan and Kiyoteru have guides on setting up UTAU on Linux. A translated version of Kenchan's guide can be found on the old UTAU Wiki, while Kiyoteru's guide is located somewhere in the forums. You might also want to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime if UTAU fails to...
  14. Dangosan

    Have you tried clicking on the OREMO tasks?

    Have you tried clicking on the OREMO tasks?
  15. Dangosan

    Is there a way to make Espeak sing on Windows 10?

    Have you tried using them on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)? It can run GUI Linux apps with no problem as far as I know (not a Win10 user). Also, keep in mind that eCantorix is command-line only at the moment.
  16. Dangosan

    Model Erro

    What kind of base is the model built on? I'm not sure, but I think that the VRoid export you used has a base, causing the skin issues.
  17. Dangosan

    Model Erro

    Looks like a material transparency issue to me. Set your skin material alpha to 1. If it doesn't work, try inverting faces.
  18. Dangosan

    I have the cheese!

    Through an unexplained process I turn the cheese into an STL file and print it with a 3D printer. I have the cheese now.
  19. Dangosan

    With what program are you encountering this error? I assume it's either OREMO or Audacity

    With what program are you encountering this error? I assume it's either OREMO or Audacity
  20. Dangosan

    the notes wont connect

    Press the little tilde to the left of the horizontal scrollbar to activate pitch markings. If you still don't see anything, select the notes then click right, go to Pitch and enable Portamento.