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  1. Kuriosity21

    why does this happen when i try to use romaji to kana and how do i fix it

    It's happened to me ever since I downloaded iroiro, and it doesn't affect anything. Just click "Okay" and keep going, and you should be able to use it just fine.
  2. Kuriosity21

    Closed Art Mixing OTO Video Other Trade for tripitch VCV voicebank!

    Hiya! I recently got a new microphone, so I recorded with it. I'm looking for someone able to oto a tripitch VCV Japanese voicebank! I am able to trade: - Mixing of an cover (Example) - UST, tuned or untuned (Example) - A cover using a voicebank of your choice (Example) - Art (of a voicebank...
  3. Kuriosity21

    Resampler Patcher Not Rendering wav. Files

    This happens to me too. Typically I just reset the P1/P4 / P2/P3 and ACPT and it'll work again. I have to do it every time I want to play the track, though
  4. Kuriosity21

    why is it doing that ?

    I've had the same issues sometimes. I'd recommend using task manager to force stop the plugin instead of shutting down your computer, just in case you have any other projects open or you don't want to lose progress on the cover. Typically what I do is instead highlight only part of the line and...
  5. Kuriosity21

    Closed OTO Looking for voicebanks to oto

    Heya! I've got a monopitch CV bank that I would like otoed, but I'm personally too lazy to lol. Do you think you'd be up for it? Thanks!
  6. Kuriosity21


    i realize i havent posted an introduction even though ive been here for a while... so, uh, hey! im kuri! its nice to meet you! currently working on a trio of voicebanks for release... soon? i hope? maybe? take that with a grain of salt lol hope everyone has a good [insert relevant time]!!! -kuri
  7. Kuriosity21

    Open let me do a full body drawing of your UTAU!!!

    It seems like you’ve been swamped with a ton of requests! I would love it if you could draw an UTAU bank of mine, but please don’t overwork yourself! DM me if you’re free and interested!
  8. Kuriosity21

    What does your Utau's name mean?

    one of my friend and i's bank's name's is otoko shi (音子四), and it's a play on multiple japanese words: - otoko is short for otokonoko, meaning "boy" and/or "child". he is both a boy(!?) and a child (at heart) - "oto" on it's own means sound, and "ko" is a common suffix in japanese names to...
  9. Kuriosity21

    Closed Art Mixing OTO Video Other Will trade for CVVC Japanese oto!

    Bump- we both are still looking for someone to oto his bank! If anyone could possibly do it, we'd both really appreciate it~ :love:
  10. Kuriosity21

    Count to 20,000

  11. Kuriosity21

    Closed Art Mixing OTO Video Other Will trade for CVVC Japanese oto!

    Hi! I'm actually making this post for a friend, as he doesn't have UtaForum. He has given me permission to ask here. I'm looking for someone able to oto a CVVC Japanese voicebank! I am able to trade: - Mixing of an cover (Example) - UST, tuned or untuned (Example) - A cover using a voicebank...
  12. Kuriosity21

    How can I make a UTAU sing right(re-installation corruption)

    Select all the notes (CTRL+A) and right click, click properties, clear preutterance, overlap and STP, and set modulation to 0. Then, click reset+acpt+p2p3+acpt and it should work.
  13. Kuriosity21

    I have a question about utau pitch

    A monopitch voicebank is a voicebank that has only one pitch recorded (e.g. A3). A bipitch voicebank is a voicebank that has two pitches recorded (e.g. C4 and A#4). A tripitch voicebank is a voicebank that has three pitches recorded (e.g. F#3, D4, and F#4). A multipitch voicebank is a blanket...
  14. Kuriosity21

    HELP! Hiragana keeps turning into question marks!

    Did you change your locale before, or after downloading UTAU? And by you don't know how to use the IME Japanese, do you mean that you don't know how to turn on the keyboard? Or you don't know how to get it to change to hiragana?
  15. Kuriosity21

    USTS sound weird

    Awesome! I figured mentioning the buttons wouldn't hurt even though it seemed like they weren't the case. As just a general tip, I'd recommend going into properties and clearing everything/setting Mod to 0 every time you load a UST or change the lyric of a note. Sometimes it won't change...
  16. Kuriosity21

    USTS sound weird

    What I'd recommend doing is pressing CTRL+A, going to properties, clearing the preutterance and overlap, setting the modulation to zero (not clear, ZERO), and clearing the STP. Click OK. Then, using these buttons at the top, click RESET, P1P4 or P2P3, then ACPT. Press play, and afterwards...
  17. Kuriosity21

    Open Art Mixing OTO Video Looking for VCV oto edits, offering art/design + video

    Hi! I can oto your bank for you! I'm a somewhat slow otoer, but I can get it done (especially with a base oto already done)! Let me know if that's okay :3
  18. Kuriosity21

    Failed to generate a wav file?

    This happened to me, too. I downloaded Resampler Patcher, though, and they began to work! Here's the link to the download. Hope it helps you too!
  19. Kuriosity21

    Error 2605

    No, it's possible to get UTAU with Windows 10, that's what I have. Maybe try deleting all previous UTAU installers/UTAU installing related software and try again, while on Japanese locale?