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  1. isengaara

    Can I make my own synth from scratch or something??

    You could also contribute to QTAU, the multisynth frontend.
  2. isengaara

    please recommend english voicebanks

    I'm planning to record an English voice bank at the end of this year. I have written a frontend for UTAU called QTAU that uses espeak as a preprocessor. But first I do a QTAU Workshop on the Saturday before MikuExpo. I also plan to release a German voicebank some time.
  3. isengaara

    How does Utsu work?

    Utsu uses a fork tn_fnds as a backend. The GUI is written in Java.
  4. isengaara

    Is there a way to make Espeak sing on Windows 10?

    QTAU and my fork of Sinsy will run on WLS2. You can install QTAU on Debian Buster via WSL2 using my packages.
  5. isengaara

    Utau synth Mac OS Big Sur help

    Unforunately Apple switches archictures very often for the Mac. The old program VocalWriter is PowerMac only, so it may or may not run on my Talos II. But there are free replacements for UTAU-Synth and VB6 based UTAU including Cadencii, UTSU and QTAU. QTAU is a QT application, and should be able...
  6. isengaara

    Sailormoon German Theme Remake using MBROLA

    Found that one on youtube
  7. isengaara

    using .ust files in audacity??

    Unfortunately Audacity does not support UST. Audacity can import Text files, I could write an UTAU Plugin that converts USTs to Text files that Audacity can import.
  8. isengaara

    I've updated the Manual

    I've updated the Manual
  9. isengaara

    Kasane Teto feat. eSpeak-NG - Magnet

    I've made a QTAU cover of the song Magnet using an UST and MP3 by Adlez27
  10. isengaara

    SinsyCon - Virtual UTAU-Meetup using BigBlueButton

    The room URL will be
  11. isengaara

    Sinsy Discussion

    I began writing a manual for Sinsy and its frontend QTAU:
  12. isengaara

    SinsyCon - Virtual UTAU-Meetup using BigBlueButton

    Due to Covid-19 there will be no MikuExpo in January 2021. Therefore I am now starting planning an Online VocalSynth Event, which will be run though the BigBlueButton video conference. More information will be posted on my Website soon. If there is a MikuExpo in January 2022, I'll of...
  13. isengaara

    Miku Expo 2020!

    This year was my first MikuExpo, I was in Berlin, Germany in January and it was my only event where I could cosplay this year.
  14. isengaara

    How I started using UTAU

    In 2009 I heard about VOCALOID, but I did not know UTAU yet. Since I was already interested in Speech Synthesis, I was reading the Festival manual. The manual mentioned Flinger which stands for Festival Singer. There was a forum, in which both UTAU and VOCALOID had been named in one post. Since...
  15. isengaara

    Sinsy Discussion

    It can be installed on your local computer, but it doesn't have a GUI. I've installed Ryuichi Yamamoto's fork of sinsy on my Debian system.
  16. isengaara

    Czech eSpeak NG - Ten Suchdolský rybník

    I've created a cover of Ten Suchdolský rybník, a demo song that came with the Singing Computer. There are at least two versions found on Youtube:
  17. isengaara

    NEUTRINO test (Kiritan)/ notes on usage

    Recently I found a neural network-based singing voice synthesis library for research written by Ryuichi Yamamoto, Audio Samples can be found on SoundCloud.
  18. isengaara

    Espeak Vocal Studio

    Recently discovered Espeak Vocal Studio, a GUI program helps modify voice parameters on the fly, generate a vocal sample and play it along with the selected backing track. There are some Espeak tracks on Bandcamp, that I have been listening very much in the last days.
  19. isengaara

    Hello! I'm Elon Satoshi!

    I've downloadable binaries for Debian Buster here.