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  1. breadstick

    meltdown by iroha is such a masterpiece... like woah

    meltdown by iroha is such a masterpiece... like woah
  2. breadstick

    Hi everyone! (I need some help ^w^)

    As another Windows 10 user, the same thing happens to me. It's very strange. I suggest typing with your normal keyboard in romaji but installing a romaji to hiragana plugin-- that's what I do, at least. Here's where you can find one! ^-^
  3. breadstick

    Seeking help from Chinese users: Files hosted on BaiduCloud

    i can relate a ton!! a ton of downloads i want are from that website and im from the US. same thing with piapro
  4. breadstick

    Ifuudoudou USt?

    lmao yeah. it was worth it for sekka yufu tho
  5. breadstick

    Ifuudoudou USt?

    oh god i hate downloading anything from axfc. theres always these disgusting gif hentai ads and its just.. ewww.
  6. breadstick

    SynthV Gen 2 Help Needed

    oH LMAO-- I'M LAUGHING AT MYSELF BECAUSE I'M SAD-- Well that's a bummer, my parents most likely won't get me a new computer any time soon at all. It is what it is, though. Thank you for letting me know!
  7. breadstick

    SynthV Gen 2 Help Needed

    So I was really excited to use the second release of SynthV along with trials/lites on the new voices, but I got this error. Does anyone know what I can do? I even reinstalled SynthV and the same thing happened. Also, I just tried installing one of the lite voices and got the same error. Do I...
  8. breadstick

    Voicebank Usagi

    they look adorable! and i love your art for them!
  9. breadstick

    [UTAU WIP] My Favorite VOCALOID Song Medley EXTEND (Suggest me UTAU pls)

    id recommend my vcv one but shes actually not done yet lmao, and her cv isnt too good (although the oto is nice imo) XD
  10. breadstick

    I need the NIAONiao Voicebank Maker

    That would be great! Thank you!
  11. breadstick

    I need the NIAONiao Voicebank Maker

    I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put this on UtaHelp so tell me if I am. I have been wanting to make a NIAONiao voicebank, I know it's not the best synth and UTAU will have better results but I think it'd just be fun trying NIAONiao. Anyways, I can't seem to get my hand on the voicebank maker...
  12. breadstick

    I made a VOCALINA 2.3 Patch allowing to reuse it !

    thank you! i like trying out different synthesizers and trying to make them sound nice, so when i couldnt manage to get the download i was a bit bummed. but this helps, thank you!
  13. breadstick

    my first original UTAU song!

    y-yeah not everyone wants to hear about how youre mentally ill please get help
  14. breadstick

    Critique Requested Kiki Sagawa Multipitch VCV

    thANK YOU!! ill show you if i get it done, and i dont mind at all if you share it on twitter, thatd be awesome!
  15. breadstick

    Critique Requested Kiki Sagawa Multipitch VCV

    I will ^o^ here you go! i know the song is in korean but the ust was for japanese vbs and ive really been wanting to cover the song because i love it. even with the robotic tuning i really like his voice!! ill probably draw fanart for him if im being honest.. if i do ill link you the...
  16. breadstick

    In regards to Bowlroll and Axfc passwords

    honestly yeah some of the riddles are pretty hard but i can totally understand. if someone doesnt want their work to be stolen, a riddle makes sense as a password. i was wondering why some of the passwords were so difficult anyways lmao
  17. breadstick

    I want to find an adequate voicebank for the song I want to cover

    yamine renri has some amazing quality VCV voicebanks that are very soft. kasane teto's whisper vb is also one of my favs :D
  18. breadstick

    Critique Requested Kiki Sagawa Multipitch VCV

    omg i love his voice so much, gonna dl him rn thank yo UUUU! also the art is amazing
  19. breadstick

    ok im trying again

    sorry for such a late reply!! i forgot about it for a while. anyways it worked perfectly so tysm!
  20. breadstick

    silent utau

    aww thank you! no problem :D