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  1. Erwan

    Open Free OTO Looking for someone who can oto my VCV VB for free

    Hello ^^ I just finished to record my VCV 7 Mora, I tried to make the oto.ini but this is so hard for me to understand how to do this, I don't think someone will accept to oto my VCV 7 mora but i try Have a nice day ^^
  2. Erwan

    Oremo don't want to open a configuration file (.tcl)

    Hello ^^ Yesterday I made so parameters so to doesn't lose them I clicked on "Save current configurations to initialisation file" in File so it made a ".tcl" file. But HOW can I open it in Oremo ?
  3. Erwan

    An utau is better recorded in 7 MORA or 5 MORA ?

    Heloooo My question is in the title x3 I want to make my own utau with Oremo but i don't know which way to record, 7 Mora ? 5 Mora ? 5 mora LITE ?
  4. Erwan

    Plugin to change lyrics into phoneme using english UST ?

    Hello ! I'm searching for a plugin to change lyrics into phoneme on an english UST for English UTAUloid Somebody know a plugin for ? ;-; Have a good day !
  5. Erwan

    Is there a hiragana to romaji UST converter?

    Thank you so much !!
  6. Erwan

    Why there's utauloid with a letter and hiragana in oto.ini ?

    Hi everyone ! i've a problem :/ in some voicebanks like Namine Ristsu and Ruto katapa, i saw in there oto.ini that they identify only letter with hiragana (screeenshot) and it's really boring because i can't make them sing because ust are not with letter and hiragana in the same lyrics
  7. Erwan

    Some hiragana aren't played in the ust

    japanese but it annoying me, a lot of ust are in "pa u mo" and not in hiragana :/
  8. Erwan

    Some hiragana aren't played in the ust

    i'm confused ... the problem Has automatically resolved :holy: and i've an other question x) why when the lyric is like our letter " a b c d..." and not in romaji why utauloid can't say these ?
  9. Erwan

    Some hiragana aren't played in the ust

    Hello ! i just downloaded the ust : And i tried with Teto and Iori but some lyrics aren't played for example, the しよ (shyon) isn't played but i found on teto and Iori's folder the しよ is here and work, same for ha...