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  1. trinkhk


    A cover I helped tune! Y’all should dl this VB! The range is really stellar (from a C3 pitch to a C5 falsetto!)
  2. trinkhk

    Voicebank Garbage

    trinkhk submitted a new Showcase Item: Garbage Read more about this showcase item here...
  3. trinkhk

    What is usually favoured in a voicebank demo/release?

    I’m just wondering about what people would prefer in a voicebank introduction. Would it be more helpful if the target utau would cover songs with more variety, or songs that would fit them/it the most? How long would you like the demo to be?
  4. trinkhk

    Voicebank Marshy

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  5. trinkhk

    Open Inactive Art Free Bust Doodles (READ OP/FIRST POST)

    I UPDATE THIS OFTEN SO CHECK HERE ONCE IN A WHILE Hey guys!! I opened this thread like, THREE YEARS ago and I get SUPER inactive on Utaforum so at times EXPECT rare, spontaneous posting from me! I'm still glad to draw your request so anytime I log on here just know that I'll be reading this...
  6. trinkhk

    Another Introduction Into the Pile, Nice to Meet You!

    Hello there I am trinkhk and I am here. UTAU used to be my absolute addiction back in 2010 and for some reason, I am now drawn back by the progress the community made. I simply cannot wait to find out how things go about here and how I can adapt to it!