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  1. mahalisyarifuddin

    Weird issue installing Utau in Windows 10

    Well so a friend of mine just started to deep dive into Utau. He installed the program, and, this happened. I found this error is, weird, also considering that I don't use Windows 10. So could you guys please solve this problem? Thank you.
  2. mahalisyarifuddin

    HowHow Utau / Howne Miku

    Just found something interesting. There's this Taiwanese youtuber by the name of HowFun. He got so many requests from schools to create graduation wishes videos, but due to time constraints, he was unable to film them all. So he came up with a solution: record any possible syllables and some...
  3. mahalisyarifuddin

    Recommended two Japanese male x female UTAU for duet

    Hey, it's me asking for some recommendations again wwww So, I have a plan to cover Signal-P's "Catastrophe" (though idrk abt should I do this or not). Could you guys recommend me two good Japanese Utaus, male and female, pretty contrast each other but still have same vibes and goes well with...
  4. mahalisyarifuddin

    Recommended two Japanese female Utaus for duet

    Henlo. .w.)/ I'm actually on hiatus rn because of uni stuffs. But I've been thinking on making a cover of a duet song. Could you guys recommend me two Japanese female Utaus with same range, youthful characteristic (prefered, but whatever characteristic is still okay), but still works well on...
  5. mahalisyarifuddin

    Visual kei?

    So there's a trend in this community: visual kei-ish voicebank. I'm curious what really is visual kei? And it turns out that visual kei is actually not a particular genre, rather it's a lifestyle/movement. It makes me more confused. I'm asking to you guys: What is visual kei in terms of music...
  6. mahalisyarifuddin

    Question for Moresampler users

    How did you guys configure Moresampler to be able to handle consonant velocities/short notes/CVVC-styled banks? My Moresampler (I downloaded the 0.8.3 one) can't do such.
  7. mahalisyarifuddin

    English reclist for non-native?

    Uhm.. Which English reclist you guys would recommend for a person who is not an English native speaker and is still learning about the language? .w.)a
  8. mahalisyarifuddin

    Japanese CVVC recommendations?

    Well yeah, I'm still learning in terms of Utau, but I already have some knowledge about it. Now I wanna try Japanese CVVC. Could you guys recommend me some good Japanese CVVC voicebanks? I really want to try them.
  9. mahalisyarifuddin

    Oh hi guys. .w.)/

    Hi guys, this is mahalisyarifuddin. You could call me Mahali. I'm a fan from Indonesia. I do tuning stuffs, particularly Vocaloid and human voices, but I'm still learning in terms of Utau. :"D You could see my works on my SoundCloud and YouTube. I really hope I could promote my Twitter account...