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  1. UtaJoule

    Issue in AviUtl... HEWP MI PWEAASE!!! T_T

    So! I'm trying to export a big video I just worked SUPER hard on, when I realize there's a little blue bar at the top of a section of the timeline which causes AviUtl to export my project ONLY in that section (frick me. frick me soooo hard :smile:). So my question is, how do I get rid of...
  2. UtaJoule

    AviUtl UTAU Screen Display Not Working?

    I'm trying to make a show-tuning video of a certain song, and for some reason it doesn't work when my UTAU is saved with the ust. When I save the ust with another UTAU (say Defoko, for example) the ust will load into AviUtl and show the ust on the screen. But when I have Joule saved, it shows...
  3. UtaJoule

    Voicebank Joule

    UtaJoule submitted a new Showcase Item: Joule Read more about this showcase item here...
  4. UtaJoule

    Derivative Asuotoko

    UtaJoule submitted a new Showcase Item: Asuotoko Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. UtaJoule

    Voicebank Asuko

    UtaJoule submitted a new Showcase Item: Asuko Read more about this showcase item here...
  6. UtaJoule

    Open PayPal Commissions for OTO

    Hello there, UTAU user. I will be opening commissions to make OTOs for your UTAU! Here are my prices: CV: $3 CVVC: $5 VCV: $10 CZ's VCCV: $15 +$2 per extra pitch/append Once I figure out how to use Delta CVVC and Arpasing, I might add those to the list. :3 Just send me a message if you're...
  7. UtaJoule

    Where can I find the "Aikolist" for English CVVC?

    I'd like to record an English voicebank, but for now I wanna start with Aiko Kikyuune's reclist. I found it a few weeks ago but I can't seem to find it again. If anyone has the link, I'd appreciate it so much if you gave it to me. <3
  8. UtaJoule

    Is this okay?

    Alright, so, I found a website full of cracked/pirated Vocaloids (not gonna post the link) and I downloaded a few voicebanks. And yeah, I know that piracy is illegal and all, but I'm just using this version of Vocaloid to practice how to use the software before I spend money on it and have no...
  9. UtaJoule

    WIP I'm making a Lent Lily cover with Teto my dudes. B)

    Just gonna copy and paste the description here. Just gonna put it out there, I dunno about anyone else who has tried to make a ust for this song, but it's pretty difficult since the vocals are off beat to the song, and kind of rapped rather than sung. Anyway, I hope I can finish this. I...
  10. UtaJoule

    Original So I made my first original song!

    Err... yeah! I made a song with Al!ce.16's English VCCV. I dunno if it's any good but I'd love to have some feedback about tuning, mixing, songwriting, etc. 【UtaJoule ft. Al!ce.16】Lonely In Your Presence【UTAU Original】