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  1. HowlingWolf15

    Wolf's #UTAU30Challenge

    So yeah my drawing aren't the best, but hey practice makes perfect. Most of these drawings are going to be sketch like since I can't color my way out of a paper bag. So here's where I'll keep the list for every UTAU I've done and what not Day 1 - Yokune Ruko
  2. HowlingWolf15

    Lets try to count to 10

    Each post can count up one number, but if someone messes it up then its back to 1. Lets see how long it takes to get to 10 I'll start 1
  3. HowlingWolf15

    Writing Prompts

    Well since my laptop is still in repair I might as well not let my writing skills go to waste. Basically, I'm writing oneshots using prompts people request. I'll take 3 at a time and post them separately. The rules for requesting are as follows. RULES Prompts must be related to UTAU. This is...
  4. HowlingWolf15

    The Temple of Rukoism

    Well, The Church of Mawarine Shuu couldn't tell me if there was a church for our TRUE savior Ruko, so I decided to start it myself. You know what to do, just praise our leader Ruko Yokune
  5. HowlingWolf15

    Quick Question

    I'm making an UST and it has 3 parts for each singer. I was wondering that is it considered lazy if I use the 'Copy & Paste to Clipboard' plugin I downloaded to put the notes of the different UST's in each other so I can change them to rests?
  6. HowlingWolf15


    Post boobies
  7. HowlingWolf15

    Just a quick question

    When I upload a cover on SoundCloud do I mess with metadata all?
  8. HowlingWolf15

    The Utaforum UTAU Hunger Games

    Welcome! One and all to the Utaforum UTAU games! Here you shall see UTAU's from all over battle it out until one is left! Who will live? Who will die? Find out on THE 1ST UTAU GAMES!!!...(excited cheering) . . . Okay, so basically I say Mockingjay Part 2 today and got the idea for this. I'm...
  9. HowlingWolf15


    One days. Len wak wking trough da cite. piko appeared In front of hmi and said "I LROVE U LREN~!". LREN WAS SOXKED! Rin sias, "Lrn mari Piok or da yoaoi fans wlii hont u down, nd mke u mary Kito or Gopuko. "Bot, I leve Neur" said Lin. "Den lets have a polgymamy" said piok nd nero who was der...
  10. HowlingWolf15

    Any good UST making tutorials for beginners?

    Hey, I'm trying to make an UST for a song I wanted to cover, but I can't seem to find any newbie friendly tutorials on finding tempo or explaining editing note pitch/modulation (something like that). Do y'all have any suggestions for tutorials?
  11. HowlingWolf15


    Congratulations! *clap clap*
  12. HowlingWolf15

    Latest Ruko VB?

    I'm not good at Japanese, and I see all these different versions for Ruko's Male VB, so I was wondering what's the latest?
  13. HowlingWolf15

    Should I record extra sounds?

    I mean sounds like くぃ くぁ stuff like that. I'm recording my first voicebank, so I'm wondering if I should or wait until I become more advanced with UTAU. Also a side question, but sounds like きゃ and related, when I oto do I cover the y over with pink or just cover it a bit like with a vowel
  14. HowlingWolf15

    [*Cliched New Member Message Here*]

    Hey! I've been lurking these forums for a few months now, so I decided to finally make an account since I'm bout to record my first UTAU. I don't have a Youtube account yet, but I'm gonna make a SoundCloud and upload a few demos so I can know if I'm going in the right direction.'s...