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    【UTAUxCadencii Chorus】 Tori No Uta 【WaveformTeam】

    finally we can do it we hope you liked x3
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    is this voice the same as vy2?

    I noticed that the noise voicebank is done with a sample of noise made ​​before...
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    [UTAU] The Last Song- Beat Okamine TriTone UST:Umbrellaguns  , i hope you like this
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    My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley

    Name of UTAU:Beat Okamine Tri-Tone Song:Two Breaths Walking VB DL: Transparent Image:(inside The Rar's Voicebank" Flags/Sampler: TIPS that's i hope it can enter x3
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    [UTAU] Cyber Thunder Cider - Beat Okamine TriTone

    [UTAU] Cyber Thunder Cider- Beat Okamine TriTone yaay i love this song X3
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    [UTAU] Servant Of Evil Classical Version- Beat Okamine

    [UTAU] Servant of Evil Classical Version - Beat Okamine TriTone well another song XP credits in the video XP
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    [UTAU]Galaxias - Beat Okamine TriTone UST: OnettVideos (Pitchbends PlusleLover) well for the englsih part i used the old english vb  reallly i adore  this song  XD i hope you like
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    Beat Okamine TriTone - ERROR

    here ... 【巡音ルカ】 -ERROR 【VOCALOIDカバー】
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    yaay i watch that videos good luck !!!
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    do you listen to music while OTOing?

    yes but a lower volume i need hear the samples, otoing is very bored for me if i don't hear some music X3
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    Beat Okamine TriTone - ERROR well. probably i don't upload this on youtube XP i hope you liked it UST:GrandMasterFlames159
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    great topic ;w;  here my entry i hope get the 1k vews ,i visited  the others videos ^^
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    [UTAU]Second Flight (Onegai Twins OP) Beat Okamine Tritone +UST

    [UTAU]Second Flight (Onegai Twins OP) Beat Okamine Tritone +UST i hope you like it
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    Hello I'm New On The Forum :3

    yaay, X3 thank you very much, nice to meet you  shinaichi :3
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    Hello I'm New On The Forum :3

    etto, hello  x3 , i'm new on the forum, XP well a little of me: i'm mexican (of couse my english is bad) i'm 19 years old, and part of the furry fandom i love use utau and vocaloid i love the j pop and kpop music i have two utauloids (furry style XP)  Beat okamine And Kuroda Samene here a...