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  1. bingos_baby

    Because of the 13 - PIXMA

    Hehe first homemade UST! Despite the pain, im already back in the trenches. Here I come, English cover of Idol!!
  2. bingos_baby

    I'm making a cover and I want YOU(r UTAU voicebanks)!

    Just submitted the form!!! Thank u for the opportunity!! ♡
  3. bingos_baby

    OpenUTAU Diffsinger?

    Omg I feel like such a goober ;_; Thank you for linking that I appreciate it sm!! I searched google twenty times and somehow couldn't find it... ;;;;;;
  4. bingos_baby

    OpenUTAU Diffsinger?

    Does anyone have info on how to use OpenUTAU's Diffsinger plugin? I literally can find nothing on it, save for tutorials in different languages, and a guy saying to join the Discord. (I'd prefer to avoid that. I've joined enough unhelpful Discords, I don't want more.) Anything helps, really. I'm...
  5. bingos_baby

    Downloading utau help macbook air

    UTAU Synth for Mac is not really worth it. You should go ahead and try OpenUTAU, otherwise you're in for a lot of trouble. If you really want to try, make sure it's the correct version. Ameya just posted a beta version to their Twitter that works for the current version of MacOS. It was a...
  6. bingos_baby

    hi hello hi um how do i make a voicebank with tts like how defoko was created?

    Btw even if your voice is bad, it doesn't hurt to try. My voice is pretty garbo, but the way UTAU processes voices is pretty intense and the finished product can end up sounding a lot different (even better) than the voice provider's singing. My UTAU sounds exactly like me and nothing like me at...
  7. bingos_baby

    The last person to post in this thread wins.

    next person who posts is a silly goose.... oooooh watch out.......
  8. bingos_baby

    Count to 20,000

  9. bingos_baby

    【UTAU】Heat Abnormal/熱異常 【PIXMA】

    I... forgot I have an account here!!!
  10. bingos_baby

    Hey hi hello :3

    Just making an introduction now before I forget! It took forever to get into the forum because my email SUCKS, but I'm here now! I screw around with UTAU for fun and don't take things very seriously, but I absolutely love making covers even if it takes me forever!! I also have made myself a...