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    Closed Offering OTO Offering free JP CVVC and VCV oto for practice (3 slots)

    Aaah, I'm a bit late, but I also have a cvvc/vcv lite hyrbid bank I'd like oto'd if you could manage and would be willing to work with it... Would you be okay with configuring a sort of private, personal bank? The bank itself is mostly structured as a cvvc with some available vcv transitions...
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    Art UTAU free sketch requests (open)

    Hgh, Oh maan... I love how you drew him, aaah- He looks so pretty, h a.. Thank you for drawing my bby boi~ ; u ;/
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    Art UTAU free sketch requests (open)

    Ooh, I love your sketch style~ You can draw my bby boi Rei, if you'd like~; Here's most of his available references, and the page here outside of his gallery even has a bit of his profile if you need it~. Feel free to go off any of the clothing...
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    Hello everyone <3

    Aaah, Heyoo and welcome~ ; w ;/ I hope you're able to get more comfortable and get the help you need... I normally shy off and stray away from the community myself, so I get the feeling too... but I lurk around here mostly and I'm more active on skype/discord than anywhere else... If you'd...
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    Offering Art free art

    AAAH wh- I didn't even see this, till just now.. //cries.. Thank you so much for drawing Rei ; A ;/ It looks great, thank you.. ; w ;
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    Offering Art free art

    Aaah maybe you could do something with my bby boi, Rei~? Here's a couple refs of his Glitz & Glam designs; Glitz - Glam - /...
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    Open Inactive Art Free Bust Doodles (READ OP/FIRST POST)

    If you're still doing these; Maybe my bby boi, Rei? ; o ; Here's a direct ref, this is his current Core design; and here's a link to his gallery; which also has his profile within the site...
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    Inactive Offering PayPal Other UTAU FlowerDancer Voices Needed!

    o: I could maybe record you a quick cv, if you'd like something of my voice type... Here are some examples of my voice--//Feminine, since that's what you're looking for; I am willing to record updates and appends if needed, and I prefer to record in vcv, but I'm willing to record whatever you'd...
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    THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE OH GOD ----Maybe Rei? //TOSSES MAH BOI and slinks-
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    Dedicated Voice Providers Still Needed!! pt. 2

    If anyone who has replied here is still interested, please contact me--, if not, please say so, so I will not think I need to wait for you--... thank you. I'm still looking for voicers for the first two-- Corona and Charles, but Kamikaze has thankfully found his voicer... Thank you all for any...
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    Closed Art Gomoku style test requests Maybe Rei? You can choose any of his current outfits-- if you'd like...
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    give me your UTAU to draw please (closed)

    Maybe Xandre?
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    Closed OTO [LF] oto.ini for VCV bank | Art in Return

    I only have one bank I've actually full oto'd recently, so I have no further samples... If anything, good luck finding someone you'd like to do it---
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    kiki (@skrillbug)'s #UTAU30challenge

    Maybe one of my bbus? Rei Allen Yurene - Pudding Mcfly DangerField Mclovin - Xandre Allaway - Yondres Shibou, aka, Shiyon Midoshi - Kamikaze-chantankunsama, or, Kaze...
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    Miawerz's #UTAU30challenge thingy (slots full) Pudding Mcfly, maybe-? //Your art is beautiful though tbh- cries. //slinks-
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    Milk's "this is totally not the #UTAU30 challenge" #UTAU30-ish challenge

    Pudding Mcfly DangerField Mclovin; If you could, here's a Pud~ //Just a random thing though-- his first name is actually Pudding Mcfly-- the rest is a middle name and surname.
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    Art Doodle Utau reqs

    Maybe Xandre--? Thank you for the opportunity~
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    Dedicated Voice Providers Still Needed!! pt. 2

    Maybe a general rock genre for Corona- though for Charles- I think I already want Partial to do it- since I already like how their voice sounds- in terms of fitting for Charles- sorry for not clarifying earlier! I hope this is okay- |||OTL