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  1. WilyemAndK

    leaving UtaForum

    ( @Hentai , please delete my account , thank you :) ) this isn't some " leaving the community " thing , i'm just not that active on utaforum and im not as active or into it as i used to be , so i'm just trying to get rid of my account now . see you guys later , hopefully :)
  2. WilyemAndK

    Open REMINISCE PROJECT: A Throwback to the Good Old Days!

    Hello, everyone! It's me, Wilyem! Recently, I've been discussing with my friend Jaycob about a new project idea called REMINISCE PROJECT. It's open to everyone, and the main idea is to help cover and remaster old songs in the Hall of Fame that are very influential and well-known. While the...
  3. WilyemAndK

    Open Other I'll make a lyric video/release video for your UTAU!

    Hiya! Looking to release an UTAU, or wanna make a special cover? I'll make your video stand out from all the others and even make you a thumbnail if you'd like. And the best part, it's free! So contact me by DM on here or add me on Discord if you'd like. I'll leave it down at the bottom of this...
  4. WilyemAndK

    Closed New VOCALOID Animation Project, "Moshi Moshi, Miku!"

    So. You saw the title. I'm doing a new project! So basically, Miku is going to be talking about different topics (I'll make her talk by using the VOCALOID program), and I'm planning on making the animation kind of in a "theodd1sout" style. If you don't know who that is, you can just look him up...
  5. WilyemAndK

    I can't get Moresampler to work!

    I'm 99.9999999999999999999999999999998% positive that it's because Moresampler is meant to run on the latest version of UTAU (0.4.18, but it's 0.4.18e if you're getting the English version)
  6. WilyemAndK

    Project Sonata: Looking for Team Members!

    I'd be happy to join you! Also, I don't want any money, as long as I get to do things I love :wink: I can tune anything and I can also help with PV making. I play piano and I'm currently studying musical theory at the moment, however I still love to hang out with other people. I can also mix...
  7. WilyemAndK

    Mon français est un peu rouillé, Désolé

    Mon français est un peu rouillé, Désolé
  8. WilyemAndK

    S'il était une vraie personne, il traînerait avec tous les gens populaires et pense que vous...

    S'il était une vraie personne, il traînerait avec tous les gens populaires et pense que vous étiez un fluage <3 jk jk
  9. WilyemAndK

    Members Needed

    Ahh, I'd love to join you! I can tune and mix, and also help a bit with PV making, also; I have Camtasia studio. I'd definitely say I've improved over time at doing these things, and I'd love to work with another person for UHP-CB.
  10. WilyemAndK

    Mais Alain ne t'aime pas.

    Mais Alain ne t'aime pas.
  11. WilyemAndK

    Synthesizer V

    Welp, guess we're ALL past the surface of the vocal synth fandom at this point. EDIT: Tried downloading RUCE... how exactly do you use it? lmfao. There's no .exe file or anything and I don't know too much about the type of files Hua used in the folder.
  12. WilyemAndK

    Synthesizer V

    I believe it was called "Brokaloid"; Hua presented it at TED xPH.
  13. WilyemAndK

    I reeeaaallly hope you get that Doctors degree! I'll be praying that you do~~

    I reeeaaallly hope you get that Doctors degree! I'll be praying that you do~~
  14. WilyemAndK

    Sing with me! My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley II -Human Ver- OPEN

    Ooh! I guess I'm up for the challenge..! :wink: Alias: WilyemAndK/Wilyem Suzhigaza (don't worry, Wilyem Suzhigaza isn't my real name, but I still prefer that you use WilyemAndK, however, you can use whatever you think sounds better) Country: USA Art...
  15. WilyemAndK

    What are good websites to host your utau on?

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend using MediaFire because it has a lot of annoying ads and if you're using Google Chrome, it makes a lot of new windows and brings you to different pages as well. It also has a lot of annoying ads that will bring you to download viruses, so yeah, the list that...
  16. WilyemAndK

    What does it take to make a great screamo UTAU ?

    Ah. well there's also the whisper banks for recording xD
  17. WilyemAndK

    【AL!CE.16】 VCCV V3?

    And I'm still over here stuck on Delta's CVVC reclist :sick:
  18. WilyemAndK

    What microphone do you use for UTAU?

    The first microphone that I ever purchased was a tiny little Samson Go. It was around like 40-50 USD I believe, but it was very sensitive and always picked up background noise. There were settings to make it so that it wouldn't pick up the background noise but most of the time I just used the...
  19. WilyemAndK

    I need tips for recording a utau

    Great! I'd love to see your voicebank once it's complete!
  20. WilyemAndK

    Plogue Alter/Ego

    Well that's depressing. And poor Giraffey was only just starting to sell his Boxes for BONES!!