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  1. notsoul_elli

    Making my own "vocaloid merch" to fill a void??

    So Big Al is my dad, right? The lack of merch really upsets me and I really really really want some kind of figurine or maybe even something I can pose if possible. If I can commission my own 3D model for him (because I don't like any of them) could I hypothetically get someone to print it...
  2. notsoul_elli


    I may be an adult but I'm actually a child who wants to RP. My UTAU is a WIP that's taking years to record but I've completed voicebanks before so I guess it counts... I have a twitter account for roleplay, if you find that easy. Or we can set up a Skype or discord chat. My UTAU is Parker...
  3. notsoul_elli

    Inactive Offering Music pay what you want original song commissions

    My name is Elliot. I'm a genderfluid dude with no job and trying my best but things kinda suck right now but its whatever. I'll write a 3 minute song for you and lyrics for $1 or more. Anything helps!! I will give you a base vsqx, a blank ust with lyrics, or a midi with lyrics in a txt file if...
  4. notsoul_elli


    I like to write a lot of poetry and lyrics, but I'm not good at composing music. I'd like to share something I wrote last night with you guys. If only I had known an extent of your intent, or what it was I could have shown that I'm better off alone because, I'm not worth the “slander” or your...
  5. notsoul_elli

    Inactive PayPal Raising the oto limit (Plugin Req)

    I am dead serious If it is at all possible to make a plugin raising the oto limit or even giving rid of it i will literally pay you $50
  6. notsoul_elli

    but like

    Recently I've promised an English voicebank that was vcv mixed with cvvc, but I realized I will not be able to complete the list. I feel really embarrassed and I'm sorry. I'll probably wont be using utau anymore. I might use vocaloid still but maybe not even that. It's been fun.
  7. notsoul_elli

    Any gamers?

    I just got a membership on my PS4 and I'm looking for people to play gta v with. Does anybody else here play?
  8. notsoul_elli

    VCV-VC English

    So I thought I'd shed some light on this project I've been working, technically for a few years. If anybody knows me at all, all of five people maybe, you might have heard that I've been attempting my own bootleg English list. Originally intended to be 100% VCV. Now that I know for sure that it...
  9. notsoul_elli

    utau contest idea

    Hello, I am Notsoul. You may now me as errorinthesystem, mattzelo6, the guy who does english vcv, or some weirdo! Over the past few years I've been messing around with English in utau, and some based off of the 'english vcv' idea. I've come up with a method that I am comfortable with, and I...