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  1. RavistTunes

    Default Resampler keeps getting deleted

    My Default Resampler kept dissapearing and when i tried to paste the backup default resampler, this popped up what can I do to fix this, I also reinstalled it twice and it still did that (I also can't use another resampler since it takes forever to load and some voicebanks don't fit with...
  2. RavistTunes

    Hello Worker UST or VSQx?

    I'm trying to find a UST or VSQx of Hello Worker by Kei, does anyone have it because I cant find any.
  3. RavistTunes

    Uta School

    The school for Utauloids to learn their talents and learn how to sing!
  4. RavistTunes

    Utaforum keeps breaking ;-;

    Sometimes when I try to load utaforum, it breaks like it doesn't load, can someone help me with this ;--;
  5. RavistTunes

    No Loading Bar

    I just downloaded a resampler and when I load it, there is no load bar but rather a system 32 thing, I need a bit of help on how to get it back. Note even though this happened to me before and I fixed it but I'm just asking just in case it won't fix itself again ;-; This is an image of the...