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  1. Pixys

    [Piano-to-Vocal UTAU voicebank release] Crescent Moon (Mougeki Allegro -Synth Voice-)

    ooo so is this like made from piano samples?
  2. Pixys

    my first ust!!

    it sounds good!
  3. Jujuko (shinchaku)

    Jujuko (shinchaku)

    an overhauled version of jujuko's VCV bank
  4. Pixys

    Voicebank Jujuko (shinchaku)

    Pixys submitted a new Showcase Item: Jujuko (shinchaku) Read more about this showcase item here...
  5. Pixys

    weird frq problem

    ok sorry for double posting but for some of the samples the freq still makes a dying noise even when i fix it D: the freq looks like this (tried to fix as much as i could manually) but it still sounds like a dying engine (pretty sure this is the same sample from the clip i sent earlier)
  6. Pixys

    weird frq problem heres one of the bad ones i think and it sounds like its dying in utau. the frw looks like this and ive been trying to fix it manually for like 30 minutes ;___; ty! ill use the frqeditor
  7. Pixys

    weird frq problem

    i tried to initialize the ones that were doing this and it just..doesnt work MDFGJK can any1 help....the recordings are fine and have minimal background noise from what i hear too (i recorded in oremo btw)
  8. Pixys

    High-pitched "buzzy" recordings?

    it might be just engine noise from what i hear
  9. Pixys

    issue installing UTAU on new computer

    YAY thank you so much! the issue was that the box you mentioned was checked! thank youuuu LOTZ OF LUV 2 U! for anyone who finds this thread with the same issue : uncheck the box
  10. Pixys

    issue installing UTAU on new computer

    i changed the locale, and even changed my system font to a japanese-friendly font, yet UTAU notes look like this and do not play : it also makes it so sometimes, some files in japanese or chn only show up as squares/triangles, while sometimes others do not do this. i use windows 10 btw
  11. Pixys


  12. Pixys

    kagamine rin-Neurotic Nuclear Warhead Girl +pv

  13. Pixys

    Tohoku Kiritan - 日本一ラーメン伝説 + UST

  14. Pixys

    SHiROGAMi-太陽アミ - Pretty Liar +UST

  15. Pixys

    Original GUMI - Moscow Engine Noise

  16. Pixys

    Original 「Beautiful Kitai feat. 初音ミク , 鏡音リン」

  17. Pixys

    【Masha CV MODEL-2】Confront! You look so cool! +VB

  18. Pixys

    Voicebank Masha

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  19. Etiennete Bathory

    Etiennete Bathory

    A (forgotten) descendant of the infamous, cruel queen Elizabeth Bathory, yet bringing this up upsets her quite a bit, as Etiennete chooses to reject the abhorrent morals her ancestor held. Although that is simply what she claims....Yet the water she drinks and bathes in always appears red....