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    Count to 20,000

  2. Rubeeish

    【ゲキヤク】RIP=RELEASE English Short Ver. + UST DL【UTAUカバー】

    Ust and tuning by Rubeeish UST DL :
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    "Failed to generate a wav file. Please check the settings"

    In the "Tool 2" box, it still supposed to be "resampler.exe".
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    What's your favorite UTAU ? Or , which UTAU( s ) have you made ?

    I have two utaus which are Ayane Hiroki and Ai but I'm not really gonna talk about them. My favorite Utaus would have to be: Namine Ritsu (I love his voice) Gekiyaku (it's fun to use her with all her voicebanks and I love how powerful her voice is) Anna Nyui (has really good voicebanks that...
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    Count to 20,000

  6. Rubeeish

    【Namine Ritsu】Chug Jug With You【UTAUカバー】

    ust & tuning by me yeaaaahhh... I may release the ust if anyone really wants me to. Soundcloud link: Voicebanks used: Namine Ritsu Strong, Ooka Miko Kire.
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    ust by ヴィラン
  8. Rubeeish

    【Namine Ritsu】うっせえわ【UTAUカバー】

    ust I honestly kinda feel like making an english version Voicebank used:Namine Ritsu Something is Kire/何かがキレ
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    【Kasane Teto & Yokune Ruko♀】Neck/首【UTAUカバー】

    ust by mimisan15 Just a cover for Teto's Birthday.
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    Need Help Creating Voicebanks

    So I recorded two deep vocal banks but I can't figure out how to actually MAKE them. Can anyone put them together for me? I've tried tutorials but I just cannot get it to work my self. Since I can't exactly pay you to do this I'd be will to make someone a model, note that I can't fully make...
  11. Rubeeish

    【波音リツ】 Coin Locker Baby 【UTAU COVER】

    ust by きっとかっと tuning by me voicebank used: Namine Ritsu 何かがキレ音源/Namine Ritsu Something is Kire
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    【調和音サトコ HIME】 Love is War -mwk remix- 【UTAU COVER + PV】

    ust by minome model by me stage by taka96ga2
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    UTAU Design Help and Review/Critisism needed!!

    Yeah go for it! I'd prefer to be credited as Rubeeish
  14. Rubeeish

    UTAU Design Help and Review/Critisism needed!!

    I finished it, I actually started drawing it a little while after I responded to this, I hope you like it
  15. Rubeeish

    UTAU Design Help and Review/Critisism needed!!

    I personally really like the brown hair one cuz it seems really neat and if you'd like I could draw her a artwork. If you'd like to seem what my drawings look like just say so.
  16. Rubeeish

    Open I would like to use your utau.

    You could use mine, they're Ayane Hiroki and Ai you can use either one, it doesn't matter. Website is
  17. Rubeeish

    【重音テト】 The Vampire/ヴァンパイア 【UTAU COVER】

    ust by ricecristpy quickly threw this together
  18. Rubeeish

    【9 Utau Chorus】 Mr. Taxi (Short) 【UTAU COVER + MMD】

    This is really just a video to show the models I'll be releasing soon. Songs/Videos Models will be released with: Sakane Cecil-Satisfsction Yamine Renri-Teo Akemi Kinko-Romeo and Cinderella Ms. Atia-(Unknown at the time) Gekiyaku (-偽薬- Design)-Hibana Denatsu Sora-(Unknown at the time) Samura...
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    【逆音セシル -LUSH-】 I Squeezed Out the Baby Yet I Have No Idea Who the Father is + UST/MIDI 【UTAU COVER】

    Idk why but when she says freaking out it sounds like she moans I decided to cover Masuna's Ibuki song and I don't know why but I felt like using Sakane Cecil for it. The ust is in japanese VCV sooooo... have fun converting this for vccv. UST/MIDI/TUNING-Rubeeish Original Song-Masuna Ust DL on...