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    Hiya! I'm new!

    Yay! I love Meii too dear! Hope your staying could be nice...
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    Looking forward to hear Narika!
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    【UTAU ORIGINAL】 Colour 【Gahata Meiji】

    I think you should have more attention when you tune... I know I never did because I CAN'T, but it's just that you wanted her more realistic? So please keep trying... I'm sorry because you would reply that it's just for yourself I guess... but actually you published it :) Sorry to be rude or...
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    Hiya, I'm new here !

    So do you draw for projects related to anime/manga or just for yourself? Like just for sharing arts?
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    Cevio compatibility

    Yes yes, here you go
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    Who is good (really) at tuning UTAU?

    Yes.. the title explains everything... examples are welcome!!!!!!!!
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    Which UTAU would you like to have in some unusual compositions?

    Hello... Now don't bite meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I know majority of original songs have their own feelings/express what the composer feels... but I quite never heard something "out of the scheemes", like cynematic, for example... so now I would like to have an opinion What UTAU can be more...
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    Microtuning/notes not included in Western music

    Actually I listened to some songs by Sheyda, an artist from Syria who I really admire, since he does Amazing things with his voice, due it's really light, like the Middle Eastern version of Sekka Yufu... anyway, this may be a strange question, since I don't know who of you has ever had...
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    【UTAU ORIGINAL】 Colour 【Gahata Meiji】

    So... listening to the song, I was at the beginning on a really strange atmosphere... maybe more for Meiji's tuning... actually I don't know if was your intention... but she sang in a way similar to traditional Japanese music... don't get me wrong, since it's a play with quarter notes... was it...
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    Album Announcement *Sundown City* ft. Aero-gen Shinsu!!

    Can you plaase pm me? Thank you
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    Hiya, I'm new here !

    Sorry for the question... what kind of artist?
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    Is the melody for this original boring/strange?

    No, I mean the melody goes around quite the same notes... so I think you can variate... but if you want, I could help you
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    Cevio compatibility

    Can someone guide me to understand/try to use Cevio? Idk if this could be compatible with the screen reader I have. Thanks
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    Chia-P - Winter Medley, Vol. 1 (Orchestra/Piano)

    I loved this composition! Could you please PM me? Thanks <3
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    【UTAU ORIGINAL】 Colour 【Gahata Meiji】

    Oh my gooooooooooooood! I can't listen to this :( because I have little problems with SoundCloud... I LOVE MEIJI :(
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    Album Announcement *Sundown City* ft. Aero-gen Shinsu!!

    A ctually how could you release this? I mean... I'm sooo glad for you and I's surprised at the same time...
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    Is the melody for this original boring/strange?

    Hmmm... actually I find this interesting... the accompaniment is really interesting... yeah, I think you can analyse the melody just listening and try to change the parts before the first line/ad harmonies. Is it ok?
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    An interesting question I guess

    Actually, since I can't use UTAU, I didn't delete anyway some VBs, especially Japanese (I mean, all are Japanese)... I have Anna Nyui, Gahata Meiji, Akesato, and I had windows100% (creacked), but I have affection to those VBs, sooooooooooooooo much... I'm wondering... can I use the files in...
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    Project Koe - Multi Gender and Multi Age UTAU?

    I know this could be really obvious orsomething like... but the I don't know... the voices belong to one UTAU, but 6 people... so you have to choose people who 1) Can have some same characteristics (or can do effort to have), like pronounciation 2) I don't know for the timber difference, because...