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  1. LunarConstruct

    [Raise By generate-batch-process] Overflow (Error when fixing usts while using multi-pitch banks)

    This thread is pretty old by now so im not sure OP needs this but for anyone reading this thread in the future: I was having this same problem, it happened after I cleared preutterance, overlap, consonant velocity, and STP in the ust. usually i clear everything and readjust it as i tune, but it...
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    UTAU Twitter Directory

    @utaumerisdae - Merisdae (LunarConstruct) ! C:
  3. LunarConstruct

    Inactive Free art stuffs!

    My UTAU Merisdae, maybe? ^^
  4. LunarConstruct

    hi i'm a newbie fan

    welcome welcome welcome! i hope you have a good time here c:
  5. LunarConstruct

    Voicebank Merisdae

    oh jeez idk how i never saw this!!! Merisdae is actually still in production - so her downloads aren't up yet. The download buttons that I have are placeholders ; w;
  6. LunarConstruct

    Show me your no-Japanse voicebank(s)!

    yooo merisdae has languages This is her -crescentmoon_english- This is her -crescentmoon_varae-, which is a language a friend and I created for our UTAU group/universe! And I have a test for her new french bank, found here! :D
  7. LunarConstruct

    Multipitch append help?

    oh, you mean CVVCV! yeah, that's what i'm using as well and it works perfectly fine. the reclist isn't much different from many other CVVC reclists, but it just contains more VCV strings such as "r"s "y"s "f"s etc
  8. LunarConstruct

    Multipitch append help?

    Heeeeey I'm gonna try to help ya here since I'm doing a very similar thing!! First of all I'm going to suggest that you use suffixes rather than prefixes because without a plugin, prefixes can't be freely edited like suffixes can. Secondly, Lemme show u how i have Merisdae's bank set up: Main...
  9. LunarConstruct

    My UTAU won't sing anything but 1 UST!!!

    Do you think you could maybe upload the voicebank for someone to take a look at? I've never had this problem before so I would like to fiddle with her and see what I can do to make it work.
  10. LunarConstruct

    What would your standards for a commercial UTAU be?

    Being someone who is very low on money usually and is selling my voicebank (kinda) i think there are a lot of things you would have to do to make your voicebank sellable Merisdae (my UTAU) is free-to-download, but a physical boxed version can be bought as well. I would rarely buy a voicebank...
  11. LunarConstruct

    Rainy Day Requests

    thank you so much!! >//w//<
  12. LunarConstruct

    Rainy Day Requests

    aaaaa I have a site for my OCs and a lot of them need art! If you wanna draw any of them, I'd be hella grateful and include it on the site (with credits to you of course!)
  13. LunarConstruct

    Give me originals to cover pls <3
  14. LunarConstruct

    Closed PayPal Art $5 UTAU Bubble Cheebs!

    Heeeeey I know you're paused rn for the con, but whenever you see this, could i be added to the waitlist? i'd looove some art of Merisdae in your style C:
  15. LunarConstruct

    Oldest vs. Most Recent Covers?

    aaaaaa oh gosh wow thank ; w;
  16. LunarConstruct

    Oldest vs. Most Recent Covers?

    Alright so my old UTAU was named Tsuki Hikari (literally the weebiest name ever) and she was terrible I recorded her in 2010 on my laptops built in microphone... and literally had no idea what I was doing. she didn't have any otos at all, and the tutorial that I used to make her told me to put...
  17. LunarConstruct

    What is the largest VB you've Recorded?

    Hmmmm well it's not complete yet, but Merisdae will definitely be the biggest bank I've ever done. Altogether, she will have 101 total banks, organized like this: 4 languages (Japanese CVVCV, Korean CVVC, English VCCV, French CVVC+) Within each language, 5 appends (bloodmoon=power...
  18. LunarConstruct

    How old were you when you found UTAU and Vocaloid?

    Oh gosh here we go I'm pretty sure I started learning about Vocaloid in 2009, either that or late 2008 its kinda blurry lmao I found it accidentally actually, I was looking at Touhou videos on youtube and found this video. Went through that whole "ooooh I wanna watch the Vocaloid anime" phase...
  19. LunarConstruct

    [Original] UTAU Original Song Medley - Looking for songs!!

    Aaaaalright so I got this idea at work because there are just soooo many good UTAU originals out there -- everyone knows the "My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley" but what if we did that with UTAU originals?? It's just an idea for now but i'm gonna open this thread up for song suggestions! :D
  20. LunarConstruct


    welcome! hope you have a good time here c: