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    Who is good (really) at tuning UTAU?

    Yes.. the title explains everything... examples are welcome!!!!!!!!
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    Which UTAU would you like to have in some unusual compositions?

    Hello... Now don't bite meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I know majority of original songs have their own feelings/express what the composer feels... but I quite never heard something "out of the scheemes", like cynematic, for example... so now I would like to have an opinion What UTAU can be more...
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    Microtuning/notes not included in Western music

    Actually I listened to some songs by Sheyda, an artist from Syria who I really admire, since he does Amazing things with his voice, due it's really light, like the Middle Eastern version of Sekka Yufu... anyway, this may be a strange question, since I don't know who of you has ever had...
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    Cevio compatibility

    Can someone guide me to understand/try to use Cevio? Idk if this could be compatible with the screen reader I have. Thanks
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    An interesting question I guess

    Actually, since I can't use UTAU, I didn't delete anyway some VBs, especially Japanese (I mean, all are Japanese)... I have Anna Nyui, Gahata Meiji, Akesato, and I had windows100% (creacked), but I have affection to those VBs, sooooooooooooooo much... I'm wondering... can I use the files in...
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    Guys, I'm back again <3

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Well, I think it could be right to re-introduce myself, since things were happening and I COULDN'T LOG FOR A LONG TIME My name (real) is Alessandra, I'm 16 (will be 17 on July...) and I live in a little town... really unknown... in Italy, but if you want, you can searh...
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    Making an UST

    I'm still wondering if, creating an UST, you can base it according to your interpretation of the song, to make it more human e.g. If I sing matrioshka and I record it with background noise reduction, could I (not me obviously because I don't use UTAU) create the UST? This could be efficent in...
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    I'm kinda wondering who experimented covering with Turkish UTAU... something... was it happened sometime?
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    Different kinds of vibrato

    Hello guys! Since I don't use UTAU, I tend to hear anyway, in the cover, the standard vibrato, and it's not so bad... it's kinda pretty... but in VOCALOID I hear sooooooooooooooooo many kind of vibrato. I would like to listen to other (or the possible) vibrato types in UTAU, since I can't really...
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    Windows 100% UTAU

    Hello! I would like to know who, in this community, has a (or more than one) Windows 100% VB, and what are the cool things about the VB
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    If a Turkish UTAU will be done...

    I am Learning a Turkish song, which is a blend between traditional Turkish singing (ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!) and pop music, maybe inspired by some Balkan currents. The song is caled dert fasli' (the i is not correct...) and I want to purpose to (who can because I...
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    Everyone who can sing can join!Open for everyone who wants to sing!

    I'm thinking of that from a looooooooooooooooooooooot! Since I'm on smule (sing! karaoke application, mainly unfortunately to meet ARab musicians...), there are also lots of smutaite (me also), and I'll curiious to see what can this idea sound. Since we're kinda a community of UTAU voicers...
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    Possible UTAU reclists in other languages

    Hi! Since in this days I'm involved in some strange projects around here and Iraq or somewhat like... I'm kinda wondering what other reclists can be done in UTAU... in other languages. Is it still possible? I guess... so this thread can be an open suggestions for upcoming project (VBs) in other...
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    Chatbox error

    I'm wondering why this happens. When I log in, I see on the chat what's going on, and want to reply to threads. Then the forum asks me to log in. Why? If I allready logged in, why? Thank you
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    Voicer/singer (voicer? Ahah!) needed for a song!

    Hi guys! I'm planning to create an original song in the future (nothing related to traditional Japanese-ish... wapop...) and I'm wondering if someone of you has like a moe voice. If so, look forward to hear from you. Samples are welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    I will not leave this place

    I think won't leave the UTAforum. Yeah that I can't use UTAU, but maybe I can give ideas/suggestions, or... simply talk, so I won't leave...
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    How to create a YouTube channel

    I know it will be a stupid discussion, but how have you done to create YouTube channels for your UTAUs? Thank you
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    Modified provider voice to create an UTAU

    Other than Teto, and Ochiru Shizun, are there other UTAU VBs modified with editors? Please include a demo... yeah, don't mind
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    Reording a Japanese instrument on UTAU

    I would like to record an UTAU... I mean, I'm not capable... but it can be mine (credit me-like) but done by someone else... and I thought... why not like an instrument UTAU? But... not a piano, a guitar... a koto! Or... I don't know... but maybe someone else tried in the Japanese community...
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    Ethnic works in UTAU?

    I was talking with @Soursoup the fruit about culture in Middle East, since we both share this interest... so he was wondering if an UTAU could do that kind of singing.. I mean... to simplify... has someone heard the prayers for Allah (I don't want to criticize anyone... but only to make the...