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  1. TakeruInudo

    My old DA art, lost my password but too lazy to try to retrieve it

    So as the title say, before my passion to draw died I did do some art. I'm having such a difficult time drawing again (after 4 years....) but I figure screw it I'll just share this for others entertainment. I also made 2 MLP characters that I...
  2. TakeruInudo

    Cover 【Vocaloid】Crazy Town_JP a cappella 【VY2v3 - Mature】

    please please take a look at the other covers I have on SoundCloud please :) My first a cappella
  3. TakeruInudo

    OTO oto.ini cv and vcv banks for art on Trash-kun/Mr.TrashMeme

    I need help with the art of my latest utau --Trash-kun/Mr.TrashMeMe-- As his name suggests he is an unruly character and enjoys semi dark themes and memes. The main thing about his clothes style is that he wears both a tattered hoody and pants with bleach blonde hair. I can oto.ini both cv...
  4. TakeruInudo

    OTO vcv test bank

    I need help with oto.ini my bank if possible. I followed this vcv reclist here would most appreciate it. email me at
  5. TakeruInudo

    Pokemon Let's Go perfect IV pokemon tip

    Mind you this tip is still in testing but Ive noticed that while farming Pidgies in VF I noticed the max CP for a lvl 7 is 36CP. See CP isn't as useless as some people realize when chaining/hunting. I would catch only Pidgies that were only 36CP (nothing less) because if it has a 36 then not...
  6. TakeruInudo

    OTO need help oto.ini with my Al Bhed CV bank

    So long story short my sciatic nerve is just not letting me get anything done as quickly as I woul;d like too. If someone could help me out I would REALLY appreciate it (and also credit you). Now the way the recordings are is different (example ka=a / zu=bu ect). I am however having...
  7. TakeruInudo

    Bacterial Contamination_細菌汚染_Trash-kun VCV

    all comments and critiquing are welcomed, working on his character design now.
  8. TakeruInudo

    Other Need help with Trash-kun's design/critiquing

    I'm terrible with drawing so forgive the hideousness :')) I was hoping someone or a group could help me art wise with him. I would love to see all kinds of versions of him. He's going to be my first Al Bhed utau (I am currently finished with the CV reclist, I'm now working on the VCV) and I...
  9. TakeruInudo

    OTO Need help finishing oto.ini my vcv bank

    As the title says, I used an oto. file that was compatible to my vcv, only thing is I've been super busy so oto.ini the details has been rough. The oto file is almost placed properly for the most part just need some proper tweaking.
  10. TakeruInudo

    opinion on test voice for Trash-kun

    Obviously I'm not stopping here, I'm moving onto vcv+ along with making an Al Bhed bank for him. Just wanted everyone's opinion if I should bother with this kind of voice or not.
  11. TakeruInudo

    Need a list of USTs to use that would go well with my vb NeeNeeko

    As the title says, since I've been hiatus for so long I feel like I've neglected my baby for too long but don't know what list of USTs to use for her big 2019 album-like playlist I'm going to do with her. Unfortunately due to throat damage I can't reach the same pitch and can't make a vcv...
  12. TakeruInudo

    Quick basic oto.ini on my CV bank

    I have a lot on my hands and need someone to oto my trash-kun for me (I can do the detailed touch ups afterwards) but overall I just need to basic part of oto.ini the bank. Would most appreciate it. pm me if interested. I've been on hiatus for so long I'm losing touch.
  13. TakeruInudo


    This is the first time in a long while, and I mean looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong while since I've heard a song that has actually helped with my...
  14. TakeruInudo

    Why did so many people like my comic dub?

    Like my god seriously this is terrible ok but for some reason over 100 people liked it along with 6K views since 2014 like no stop please I am absolute garbage lmao Listen to how bad this is yet people still like my video whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  15. TakeruInudo

    Would love a UST be made for 'We are Number One' in japanese

    More specifically Rindou's 'We are Number One but it's in Japanese' I thought it was really well done for the translation & more fun to listen to then the usual GOOGLE translated versions. Would be so cool for a UST of this to be made. Waiting on a reply back from her to see if this is...
  16. TakeruInudo

    Vocal Therapy, tips & advices needed

    So when I was a kid I had surgery done on my vocal chords because I had developed polyps, but they only did one side because the another side with polyps were too small to remove. After the surgery I was super quiet & rarely talked so when I entered HS I talked waaaaay more then I ever did lol...
  17. TakeruInudo

    Which covers do you want to hear with VY2_MATURE Project?

    So for those who are not familiar with what I have been doing when I have free time, I had experimented with VY2v3's voice a bit & found that with the right tweaking you get a more masculine type of voice with him that still sounds fairly natural (imo at least), That is how I came up with...