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  1. remipachu

    Good USTs for beginners?

    Hi there! I'm pretty new to UTAU so I wanted to see what some good USTs to practice making covers/tuning/etc. would be. If this is a silly question feel free to say so! I wouldn't be surprised if there was no such thing as a "beginner UST". Thank you!
  2. remipachu


    Hi there! I'm Remi, also known as remipachu/ncrteacup/cremecaramel. I'm 20 years old, agender, and live in the United States (PNW). I've been a fan of VOCALOID/UTAU songs and characters for years, and as of this year I'm finally learning how to use the UTAU software! I think I'm mostly going to...
  3. remipachu

    How to move notes?

    Thank you so much! I found the "move region up/down" in the edit menu first, but this is a lot easier. I had only been able to adjust the volume at first, I had no idea you had to click the bottom edge for it to work. Much appreciated! :)
  4. remipachu

    How to move notes?

    Hi, I'm really new and I know this is going to sound like a stupid question. But I seriously can't figure out how to move notes, like to change what actual note they're playing. I've looked this up a bunch and nothing has helped. I'm not trying to move multiple notes at a time, just one.
  5. remipachu

    VCV n/ん trouble

    When I try to make a VCV UST, if "n"/"ん" is the preceding syllable, and I put, say "n を" after it, it doesn't produce any sound. I am using Kasane Teto's basic VCV voicebank (i.e. not whisper, no growl/whatever else). It is my first time using UTAU and maybe this is something obvious I'm...