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  1. WilyemAndK

    leaving UtaForum

    ( @Hentai , please delete my account , thank you :) ) this isn't some " leaving the community " thing , i'm just not that active on utaforum and im not as active or into it as i used to be , so i'm just trying to get rid of my account now . see you guys later , hopefully :)
  2. WilyemAndK

    NIAONiao Troubles

    Hewwo. I really want to use NIAONiao, however, it's all in Chinese. The only thing I truly need help with is loading a voicebank. Is there an English patch for NIAONiao or something? Thank chu in advanced!
  3. WilyemAndK

    Alter/Ego Troubles

    So... Hi... ._. Recently (And by recently I mean last year), the PLOGUE company (The same company that created chipspeech synth) created Alter/Ego synth. The same thing as chipspeech synth, but it focuses on more modern voices and not antique voices. I've been having trouble with it. Everything...
  4. WilyemAndK

    「UTAU」 Let it Go 「天音 チャ - チャ」

    Stupid watermark. Our Camtasia editor decided to start randomly hating us, and so we couldn't log into our accounts, we had to create new ones, and since we couldn't exactly afford the payed version, we just used the free version.
  5. WilyemAndK

    .RAR Files with UTAU

    Hey, so I'm having trouble with .RAR USTs. I would really like to use a .UST file, however it's in a .RAR file. I can't use WinRAR or 7zip to open it, so I was wondering if there are any other ways to import the UST from a .RAR file into UTAU?