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    Count to 20,000

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    Open Offering OTO Looking to commission OTO.ini

    Hi! My oto commissions are open, you can check them here: Let me know of you're interested!
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    Open PayPal Points Art OTO Art, OTO & boxart commissions! (Cheap)

    Hi! My art, oto & boxart commissions are open so I'll write all the info here if anyone is interested. I accept DeviantArt points and PayPal in all my commissions Art Examples: Prices: More examples...
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    Count to 20,000

  5. Katsumi_Hibiku

    Count to 20,000

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    [SOLVED] UTAU won't make noise?

    Did you try with the resampler patch? Use this with your resampler and clean your ust before, then, try it!
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    Inactive OTO Free VCV otos.

    Okay, thanks! Where I can send you the VB? Do you have DeviantArt or something?
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    Inactive OTO Free VCV otos.

    Yay! :D Yes, it's the same, buut it has phonemes like bra, pla or tra, that's the only thing it's different, the red line goes between the second cosonant and the vocal Oh and it has VC phonemes too, but if you don't want to oto the spanish phonemes just don't do it
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    Inactive OTO Free VCV otos.

    Can I have a VCV oto please? The vb is japanese and spanish, but you can do only the spanish phonemes
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    Multipitch VB help!!

    English below!! ESPAÑOL ¡Hola! He hecho una VB multipitch pero... No suena T.T Solo suena cuando abres y cierras la configuración (Cuando vas a herramientas y le das click a la primera opción), asique cada vez que quiero usarla tengo que hacer eso... Y hay gente que hace eso y aun así no...