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  1. Xuu

    Help downloading Synth V

    As above. Synthesizer V Studio Basic releases on the 31st as a free download alongside Saki lite and Eleanor Forte lite. For now if you want to try Synthesizer V the 1st generation version is still available with Eleanor Forte, Genbu demo ver. and Yamine Renri demo ver., though all other vocals...
  2. Xuu

    Multi-Synth SynthV trials' list

    For further details on these "trial" versions: Kotonoha Akane and Aoi One unified voice database. Put simply their only difference as VOICEROID vocals was dialect, so they share a voice database. Available pitch group: C#4, notified as Cs4. Their full voice database has G#3, C#4, F#4 and C5...
  3. Xuu

    Voicebank Naoki Amano

    Uchuu updated Naoki Amano View updates to this showcase item...
  4. Xuu

    Contest UTAUvision 2017: The first UTAU battles start NOW

    Okay update UK is living, we just need to ask our animator but be ready!! Anticipate us <3
  5. Xuu

    Contest UTAUvision 2017: The first UTAU battles start NOW

    UK going to flop. We have 2 people and no artist/animator, so FIGHTING
  6. Xuu

    Korean Vocaloid 4: Uni

    I love my precious Strawberry Daughter....... I'm hoping that they pull an AH-Soft and do individual packages alongside a bundle, then one with ENG later - That'd be the best way to sell her I feel. Downloads would be great, too. Good to see she's getting the appends after all though, I'll try...
  7. Xuu


    ☆★☆★☆ Happy Birthday to me~ I've been working on doing some VCV voicebanks for a while, so I thought I'd release this one. It's a 5pitch neutral voice, with A2,C3,D#3,F#3, and A3 pitches. I hope you enjoy using it! More info and credits in the description.
  8. Xuu

    Contest Want to have a Tuning Contest/Festival?

    UK Term-time for schools ends around the 15th of July, University has already ended - would look forward to this!
  9. Xuu

    Uchuu's 2nd Anniversary「曖昧さ回避 (Disambiguation) Cover

    Hey, he's 2 Years old now, that's cool. I mean I'm actually shocked because a) it doesn't feel like I've been around that long and b) I actually had something to release which is more than can be said for last year... Anyway, I hope you like this VB! It actually started working on it in the new...
  10. Xuu

    Korean Vocaloid 4: Uni

    UNI will be getting a Korean library with more than 2 DBs in September, then English in 2017 which is in development. I can't wait!
  11. Xuu

    Korean Vocaloid 4: Uni

    My daughter....I love her so much honestly I hope her box is lit
  12. Xuu

    Ah, It's A Wonderful Cat's Life, Who To Use With WALTT?

    Yo. Self promotion is here. I mean, if you're into that. They're both v. ホモくれ┏(^o ^┏)┓ but I'll be releasing a new vb in like... three days orz. Also for females here and here.
  13. Xuu

    Voicebank Naoki Amano

    Uchuu updated Uchuu View updates to this showcase item...
  14. Xuu

    How do YOU pronounce "vibrato"?

    [v I][b r V][t @U], vi-brA-toh.
  15. Xuu

    What resampler is favorite?

    No, I mean changing the config settings of moresampler to get a better result for the voice. It's a lovely resampler!
  16. Xuu

    What resampler is favorite?

    TIPS when the bank works with it, then Fresamp, then EFB-GT. Moresampler is nice if I want to configure it for the VB, model4 works on some occasions too.
  17. Xuu

    Furry Vocaloid!

    Chill tho because literally everyone is going to ignore any design changes because even Aki/Kenji are ignoring them tbh
  18. Xuu

    Midorizaki Kasumi「Apriloop」CeVIOカバー

    I love this song so much, Natter got Kasumi, she fits it, and thus a cover was born. ust: Pancake song: nekobolo mix: me kasumi: XING Inc. render: Natter
  19. Xuu

    Color Voice Series

    I actually have an order for this based on ease of use: > > > = > Though my personal favourites go more like this: > > = > = (Sprites by Chickadee!) Airi is a diva like she deserves to be, she's really versatile and her voice is amazing! I love her so much. Kasumi is lovely, she has...