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  1. Abc2557

    Open Art Requesting full-body art of my UTAUloid

    The individual parts of the UTAUloid’s design are already drawn; I just need full art of them. Also I can’t really pay or anything, so... yeah ;^^ Feel free to any questions you have about this (Btw I’m not really sure how all this works so please excuse how ehh I’m writing this and stuff idk...
  2. Abc2557

    What is allowed to be posted in the Showcase section?

    What is and what isn't allowed to be posted in the Showcase section?
  3. Abc2557

    Ivu Hetsu Cover | Electric Angel | (UST Included)

    Is this the right place to send this? So, uh...….. Poor quality cover of Electric Angel using my UTAU voicebank, Ivu Hetsu. I got the UST from (particularly in VOCALOID songs > Electric Angel). Also, uploading the...
  4. Abc2557

    What's up? Abc, that's what. I'm literally above you, on your ceiling.

    Yo, I'm Abc2557, but you can call me Abc. Uh...…. I'm not the most interesting person on the internet, but there must be something about me interesting enough to talk about... hm.... Uh, I-I HAVE MY OWN UTAULOID! wait that's not interesting at all; I bet half of the people on here have their own...