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  1. fadingfebruary

    Cloud Of Sparks (Original ft. Kasane Teto)

  2. fadingfebruary

    Original [Vocaloid Original] Sleepwalking All The Time - Ft. Daina and utau Aspen

    I worked very hard on this one, and I want to continue working to make more vocaloid / utau originals!
  3. fadingfebruary

    Original song guide?

    @pickledylans when you say utau doesn't preserve the structure of the notes, is importing the midi making it all glitchy looking? b/c if you're having the same problem I typically have importing midis from FL studio, I have to use audacity (a free program) to import the midi into audacity and...
  4. fadingfebruary

    Original song guide?

    Okay @pickledylans ! so a few tips that might help (hopefully!! :0 ) : 0 Troubleshooting: in terms of breaking it up into "3" sounds or w/e, are you using the lyric bar? bc honestly I just double click on each note and type in the syllable I want, since english has some symbols that utau wants...
  5. fadingfebruary

    Original song guide?

    I can't point you in any specific direction to tutorials but may be able to give some tips or attempt to be mildly helpful xD. In terms of making things "sound right," can you elaborate on what you mean? Tuning / phrasing, composing the melody line, or writing lyrics that sound natural?
  6. fadingfebruary

    i don't feel like doing anything anymore. (ft. UTAU Regalia)

    @sleepysheep7 thank you! I strive to tune utaus well so that means a lot to me *v*
  7. fadingfebruary

    i don't feel like doing anything anymore. (ft. UTAU Regalia)

    a venting song about depression and the frustrations of feeling numb. soundcloud: song by me vocal manipulation by me UTAU db "Regalia" by 8Derone (Both soft and solid banks were used) art by zenithomocha Lyrics: i don't know what to do with myself...
  8. fadingfebruary

    First (Posted) Cover, Any Tuning/Mixing Critiques?

    I think it sounds nice! I think the bass sounds okay myself, but that might just be an issue of taste. I think the bgm and vocals might be fighting over some mid...range frequencies though? It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly. But other than that the vocals are coming through pretty well and...
  9. fadingfebruary

    Thank you! *w*

    Thank you! *w*
  10. fadingfebruary


    Hi Niqchu! I definitely relate to the appearing and reappearing thing lmfao. Oh goodness I'm going through your youtube and all your UTAU children are so adorable and clear! I love their voices.
  11. fadingfebruary

    I'd say "I'm new!" but that's a lie

    Hi Alky! I hope you had a lovely day too! Just been having to drive my little sister all over town because we live away from home and I'm the defacto adult now, taking her to the doctor and everything rofl. Oh and nice pun! :P ---------- Hi Haichou! I am def. going to try to jump into all of...
  12. fadingfebruary

    【UTAUアレンジカバー】 Black and White【望音アリス・廻音シュウ】+UST

    Wow, it turned out wonderfully! The UTAUs sound so clear and the arrangement sounds so professional as well.
  13. fadingfebruary

    3 UTAU English Originals (Ft. Karasu, Kyou Hana, Equinox)

    Hi! Fadingfebruary (aka overwelcome) here! I'm forcing myself against my anxiety to post my music. I'm actually very nervous! For this reason I've decided to post 3 of my songs right out the gate to commit to putting my music out there, rather than posting one song and running away for and not...
  14. fadingfebruary

    I'd say "I'm new!" but that's a lie

    But I suppose I'll try again! Hi! My name is Dylan! (aka fadingfebruary, aka overwelcome...) I've done utau since 2010 / 2011 ish, but because of my severe social anxiety I've stayed mostly to myself within this fandom. Don't pity me though, it's on me to deal with -- so how about I try to...
  15. fadingfebruary

    UTAU VCCV voicebank directory

    I know I don't use utaforum very much but I'd love for my utababy to be included here please! ;w; Aspen -- Created by fadingfebruary Alpha voicebank: Sample songs:
  16. fadingfebruary

    [58 UTAU] Happy New Years! [MI.z Medley 2] I did a thing for New Year’s! I wanted to use as many UTAUs as possible, because you’re all cuties! ;w; You all inspire me and are all reasons I love this fandom so much (even though I’m terrible at getting out there and actually talking with...
  17. fadingfebruary

    1.5 Hour UST Challenge! Hau2embed I did the thing I had a lot of fun though. Its actually quite rewarding to hear the playback of the UTAU when you're making the ust yourself~ I don't do it enough ;<
  18. fadingfebruary

    UTAU Counterpart ?

    Actually I do this! :) Not saying that I do it well, but I can give you some sort of idea of what to do. In my opinion, recording higher notes doesn't mean it'll automatically sound like a girl. Raising the pitch isn't the only aspect of it. It's more important to voiceact -- to use more...
  19. fadingfebruary

    CV VC English

    RE: CV VC English Leil sounds amazingly powerful yet somehow realistic in tone and I love it. Jakuon also has a very unique type of powerful vocal going for her. Good job! 1: --shameless advertising-- I apologize for this but I'm looking for...
  20. fadingfebruary

    UTAU sounds crap, very clipped. What should I do?

    If that's the case then I imagine you might have to reset the preutter/overlap of the ust. Select all notes and then right click and select the last option -- it should be some kanji below "tempo".  And then a little box will pop up and if the preutter/overlap boxes aren't just plain white, then...