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  1. RINGO

    My UTAU won't sing some notes

    Heey! Tsuki / Ringo's owner here~ So I reinstalled my UTAU software some weeks ago, and I'm trying to cover some songs again with my voicebank. But most of the times when I take an .ust and try to make my utau sing it, there are parts -I mean 'notes'- she just won't sing. It's weird, 'cause...
  2. RINGO

    Ringo - Goodbye Midnight

    So yeaaaah! :wink: I'm still a beginner with ust-making, but I'm trying to do my best! What do you guys think? Just check the description for the download link.
  3. RINGO

    Ringo - Goodbye to Alice

    Hey all!! This 'Goodbye to Alice' cover is not new... at all... I just want people to listen to my utau *selfish*... Also, I would be happy to hear opinions of Ringo's VB!
  4. RINGO

    Project Diva Module editing

    Hello~ Umm... I want to make a Project Diva (extend!) module which looks like my UTAU, but I'm having problems using 'AFS2EXT'. I cannot color the textures, 'cause well... IDK why. When I try to change a texture, it ends up looking like this: So umm... I thought of asking for someone, who can...
  5. RINGO

    Recording Habits?

    Self-explanatory... So I guess I'll start. My habits are: - I brush my teeth before I sit down to record... (Don't ask me why... Maybe I'm afraid people would smell my breath if they listen to my UTAU, or ... IDK! XD) - I also drink a LOT OF TEA during recording. - It takes me a lot of time to...
  6. RINGO

    Merry Christmas! Jingle Bell .ust

    Hello, everyone! This is my first christmas as an UTAU user! and I still suck at it. So... I wanted to make an .ust for 'Jingle Bell' in a while, and I began to work on it in the last few weeks. It is for the cover sung by 96neko, Kogeinu and Vip-Tenchou. I really hope, I didn't mess up the .ust...
  7. RINGO

    Does anyone know...?

    Few years ago I listened to a song by Kagamine Rin, and I don't remember the lyrics, nor the title! All I remember is the tune... it goes somewhat like this: So ... uh... does anyone know this song? I also remember the refrain, but thats all...
  8. RINGO

    【RINGO】 Campanella

    Well, to be honest; this video is like ... super Boring. I just need some more viewers... that'd make me feel much better. > < Attention: The 'la la la' part at the end is longer on purpose. [UTAU] Ringo - Campanella And uh... please tell me, if I should fix anything about RINGO's voice. I'm...
  9. RINGO

    【RINGO】 紲月歌 (Setsugetsuka)

    So um yeah... As I can see, no utauloids are noticed, who don't have many youtube videos. So here's my second video!! xD It's a bit low-quality, because I was in a hurry making it. But still... I hope, you like it~ 【RINGO】 紲月歌 【UTAU】 Tell me what you think, please~ ^3^
  10. RINGO

    Any ideas of what should I do?

    Eeeh, so here I am, stuck again, with some problem I don't get. (You see, I only read hiragana, and I don't have much use of it with this problem)... SO: My problem is, that I cannot import my utauloid to UTAU. This is my first time having this problem... When I try to add the location of the...
  11. RINGO

    【RINGO】 ~ ゆめゆめ

    So this is RINGO's version of the song 'YumeYume' by DECO*27~ I just want people to listen to it~ D:
  12. RINGO

    【RINGO】 ~ Hello How Are You

    Check out RINGO's version of the song~ Tell me what you think, please! >w<
  13. RINGO

    Who was the first...?

    I'm just being curious!  :uhuhu:
  14. RINGO

    HnKnA ♥

    Heart no Kuni no Alice is officially an OTOME game. I played, it, but it was japanese, so I had some problems understanding it, 'couse I only can read hiragana... nvm~ There's a manga, which is readable in english! (Oh... how much I love the manga!) ~ Last summer, they announced a MOVIE of HnKnA...
  15. RINGO

    *knock knock*

    Hello everyone! Nice to meet You. I'm RINGO~ I'm a big fan of VOCALOID, and now UTAU as well! I love music, and I always wanted to connect my life with music somehow... >w< When I found out what UTAU really is, I decided immediately to create my own voicebank. And when I finally finished, I was...